Entrepreneurship Centre

Our Students at Work

We offer a range of opportunities for business owners to engage with students that create meaningful and valuable experiences for both students and entrepreneurs they work with. 

Student Consulting Program

The Student Consulting Program offers clients quality projects at an affordable rate. Projects are complete by final-year Commerce or MBA students with supervision and guidance from SMUEC professional business consultants. Through this program, clients can also access expert advice from Sobey School of Business faculty members. 

How it works: 

The process begins with a free consultation. You then receive a proposal outlining the statement of work. Once on board, a group of two to three students will complete you project over 12 weeks – offering clients the convenience of both fixed timing and costs. The program is offered three times each year: January, May and September.

Program benefits: 

  • Gain a fresh look at projects and benefit from student's advice and innovative ideas 
  • Receive cost-effective business solutions
  • Learn leading-edge business practices
  • Grow your business while providing valuable career experience to students
  • Research and plan projects you haven't found time for