Culture of Study Abroad

Abstracts for intended papers, panels, and workshops are welcome in English or French. Please submit an abstract of the proposal as a Word document to the organizers at ( Abstracts for papers should be no more than 300 words. Abstracts for panels and workshops should comprise a general outline no more than 300 words, followed by the participants’ abstracts. The body of the message should contain the presenter’s/presenters’ name(s), affiliation, and the title of the paper, panel, or workshop. For the sake of blind review the abstract must not include the name(s) of the presenter(s).


In the abstract clearly state the topic, research question(s), and objectives. Abstracts on empirical projects should identify the data sources, procedures for data collection and analysis, and actual or expected outcomes. Proposals for workshops should also include a plan of activities. All proposals should indicate which of the five topic areas of the conference they intend to address in particular.

The five topic areas are: 


  1. What is the culture of study abroad and study abroad participants / stakeholders (teachers, hosts, organizers, etc.)?

  2. What is cultural learning on study abroad and its relationship to language acquisition?

  3. What is done with culture after studying abroad?

  4. What are the cultural implications of French exchanges in or from Canada?

  5. What are the cultural interests and concerns of language students moving from, to, and within Asia?