Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity

Transforming the mainstream of Atlantic Canada event report (November 17-18)

This symposium provided a forum for regional development planners, immigration policymakers, business community, settlement organizations and academic researchers and students, to exchange their thoughts and experiences on how immigration is affecting the region;

  • to share information on any specific measures adopted in their own circles to accommodate the diversity of new comers;
  • to share and discuss their visions about the future of the Atlantic region in relation to immigration and cultural diversity in the 21st century.

The overall lesson derived from this event is that the Atlantic experience in immigration matters has become richer and deeper. Settlement agencies and governments are tackling increasingly detailed and localized issues, which were either overlooked or could not be dealt with in the past.  The region currently lacks the critical mass of immigrant population necessary to attract and retain more immigrants. Given the current climate surrounding the immigration matters in Atlantic Canada, there is a strong chance that the region will see more arrivals and higher retention rates in the near future.

A detailed event report and selected presentations can be found at