Campus Life

Nova Scotia (HRM)


We currently have funding for the 2016-2017 funding year. Please click here to submit a job posting application


  •  B2B Sales- eyecandy SIGNS INC.
  • Articling Student- Bland and Associates
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator- I Promise Performance
  • Accounting and Finance Specialist- Simplycast
  • Digital Copywriter- Simplycast
  • Sales and Research Associate- Wiwsolvet Total Primary Energy Solutions
  • Software Developer- Site 2020
  • Manufacturing and Print Production- eyecandy SIGNS INC. 
  • Drafting and Design- eyecandy SIGNS INC. 
  • Marketing and Patient Experience Manager- Bespoke
  • Public Relations Liaison/ Marketing Jr. Consultant- ICA LTD.
  • Office Administrator- CEED
  • Marketing and Program Assistant- Black Star Wealth Partners
  • Marketing Assistant- Atlantic Digital
  • Carpenter- Don Longard Renovations
  • Junior Graphic Designer- Rarebird Brand Strategy and Graphic Design


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