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The Super Auction is our marquee fundraising event in support of our varsity teams and student-athletes. Your support goes a long way to help the Huskies continue their tradition of excellence.

This year we celebrated over 70 Academic All-Canadians this year. Participation in our varsity programs has been shown to facilitate the Universities’ goal of helping individuals realize their full potential in the intellectual, social and physical dimensions. Over the years our varsity programs have made a key contribution to the university’s student recruitment and retention initiatives.

In order to build on the tradition of excellence and achievement in sport our student-athletes need our emotional and financial support. The Super Auction is a fun way for you to provide that support.

 Support this year's Huskies Super Auction with the purchase of tickets or donation of items for the auction table. 

Date & Time:       Wednesday, April 12, 2017 @ 5:30pm

Place:                  WTCC - Grand Ballroom

Tickets:                $89 each // $850 for table of 10

ORDER YOUR TICKETS TODAY by calling 902.420.5426 or fill out the order form above.