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Women's Field Hockey

2017 Atlantic University Field Hockey Championships
Hosts: Oct 21st @ SMU and Oct 22nd @ DAL

Final Teams Rank:

1. DAL=Dalhousie University
2. UPEI=University of Prince Edward Island
3. UNB= University of New Brunswick
4. SMU=St. Mary’s University
5. STFX = Saint Francis Xavier University
6. ACA=Acadia University
7. MTA= Mount Allison University

Championship Format:

The 6th & 7th ranked teams will play for the final play-off spot at the Championship, the
losing team will move to the consolation round.
Pool A = 1 st , 3 rd , 6 th Pool B = 2 nd , 4 th ,5 th

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 @ SMU

11:00 am 6/7 ACA 1 vs 0 MTA (6 th Play off spot)
2. 12:10 am Pool A DAL 1 vs 0 SMU (1 vs 3)
3. 1:20 pm Pool B UPEI 3 vs 0 UNB (2 vs 4)
4. 2:30 pm Pool A SMU 0 vs 0 ACA (3 vs 6)
5. 3:40 pm Pool B UNB 2 vs 2 STFX (4 vs 5)
6. 4:50 pm Pool A ACA 0 vs 8 DAL (6 vs 1)
7. 6:00 pm Pool B STFX 0 vs 6 UPEI (5 vs 2)


Sunday, Oct 22, 2017 @ DAL


8. 8:00 am ACA 0 vs 0 STFX (Consolation 1)
9. 9:00 am DAL 3 vs 0 UNB (Semi Final)
10. 10:15 am UPEI 1 vs 1 SMU (Semi Final – UPEI Win in a Shoot Out)
11. 11:30 am ACA 2 vs 0 MTA (Consolation 2)
12. 12:30 pm UNB 1 vs 0 SMU (Bronze Match)
13. 1:30 pm STFX 0 vs 0 MTA (Consolation 3)
14. 2:30 pm DAL 1 vs 0 UPEI Championship Final

Game Stats:
1. ACA 1 vs 0 MTA ACA Goal: Lauren Miller. ACA Shut Out: Courtney Sheffield

2. DAL 1 vs 0 SMU DAL Goal: Samantha Spooner. DAL Shut Out: Megan Suitor

3. UPEI 3 vs 0 UNB UPEI Goals: Emma MacPhail, Alyssa Ferguson, Sarah SearUPEI Shut Out: Jacklyn MacKinnon

4. ACA 0 vs 0 SMU ACA Shut Out: Courtney Sheffield SMU Shut Out: Emily Falconer

5. UNB 2 vs 2 STFX UNB Goals: Nathalie LaPlante 2 STFX Goals: Amy Bobyn 2

6. DAL 8 vs 0 ACA DAL Goals: Maya Palacio 3, Maureen Parker 2, Jenny Lee, Eleanor McGowan, Ellery Platts DAL Shut Out: Emma Churchill

7. UPEI 6 vs 0 STFX UPEI Goals: Sarah Sear 2, Alyssa Ferguson, Kelsey Gallant, MacKenzie Deighan, Karleigh MacEwan UPEI Shut Out: Jacklyn MacKinnon

8. ACA 0 vs 0 STFX Shut Out ACA: Courtney Sheffield  STFX Shut Out: Rachel Drummond

9. DAL 3 vs 0 UNB DAL Goals: Samantha Spooner 2, Eleanor McGowan, DAL Shut Out: Megan Suitor

10. UPEI 1 vs 1 SMU UPEI Goal: Sarah Sear SMU Goal: Anna Daniel

11. ACA 2 vs 0 MTA ACA Goals: Lauren Miller ACA Shut Out: Courtney Sheffield

12. UNB 1 vs 0 SMU UNB Goal: Nathalie LaPlante UNB Shut Out: Megan Fram

13. STFX 0 vs 0 MTA STFX Shut Out: Rachel Drummond MTA Shut Out: Piper Langille

14. DAL 1 vs 0 UPEI DAL Goal: Maureen Parker  DAL Shut Out: Megan Suitor

Atlantic University Field Hockey All-Stars 2017

League All-Stars (Alphabetical Order)

Amy Bobyn STFX
Hailee Cook UNB
Kerry Costello DAL
Danielle Dempsey DAL
Patricia Gemmell SMU
Hannah Gormley UPEI
Sarah Handel SMU
Sarah Sear UPEI
Erin Spooner DAL
Samantha Spooner DAL
Michaela Yateman UNB

Major Awards:
Rookie of the Year Erin Spooner DAL
Goalie of the Year Courtney Sheffield ACA
Outstanding Contributor Award Amy Bobyn STFX
League MVP Samantha Spooner DAL
Coach of the Year Shona Bowes UNB
Umpire of the Year Richard Baker Atlantic



Sharon Rajaram

Michael Andrews




Sharon took over as head coach in 1992 . A native of Halifax, Sharon graduated from Dalhousie University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Recreation. Sharon has a great deal of field hockey experience both as a player and as a coach. While at Dalhousie University she was an AUAA All-Star, a CIAU All-Star, and a team MVP. Sharon has represented Nova Scotia at a number of National tournaments and was named to the National squad for 2 years 1982 and 1983. Sharon has coached at the Provincial Senior and Junior levels over the past several years. She also has coached at the Regional level. Sharon has two previous years of coaching experience at the University level as an assistant coach; Dalhousie (1986), and at Saint Mary's (1987). Sharon has a Level III coaching certification under the NCCP program and is also a Level II Field Hockey Course Conductor. She is presently working towards her Level 4.





Michael Andrews (assistant coach) has been an assistant with the Huskies since 1992.  He has been involved with field hockey in Nova Scotia for a number of years both as a player and as a coach. He was named to the National back up squad in 1979-80. He has played at the provincial level both as a goal keeper and as an out player. He has coached several provincial teams and his expertise in coaching goaltenders has certainly proven to be an asset to the Huskies. Michael is a fully certified Level II field hockey coach with the NCCP. Prior to coaching at Saint Mary's, Michael umpired in the AUAA field hockey league for several years




Angela (assistant coach) played for 5 years for the Saint Mary's Field Hockey Huskies before joining the coaching staff and was a member of the 2003 CIS Bronze Medal Championship Team. Angela has her NCCP Level II Coaching Certification in Field Hockey and is a Level III Coach for Ringette Nova Scotia. Education: BA, CSCS, NSCA C-PT, CFC

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