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The lacrosse team competes in the Maritime University Field Lacrosse League (MUFLL), which includes Dalhousie, StFX, Acadia, UNB, and Mount Allison. The regular season consists of 10 games, a home and away game against each of the 5 other teams.


Games typically run from mid-September to the end of October, with 1 or 2 games each weekend. The season culminates with a championship weekend on the first weekend of November. Saint Mary’s hosted championship weekend in 2013, and it has since been hosted by Dalhousie and StFX.

For any other info, feel free to check out our social media and the MUFLL site:




MUFLL Site:  


Tryout Process

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 season will take place during the pre-season training camp, which takes place August 28th to September 1st 2018.

If unable to attend training camp, special consideration may be given.


Practice Days & Times

Practices are TBD.

Weekend practices on bye weeks, and film sessions to be determined.


Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory, exceptions may be considered depending on circumstances.  


Men's Field Lacrosse 2018-2019 Executives

Phil Elford - Club President

Dan MacEachern - Vice President

Alex Stokes - Secretary




Head Coach: Glenn MacDonald –

Glenn has been Head Coach of the SMU lacrosse team for the past two seasons, leading the team through a rough stretch in 2015, and was vital to the improvement this past season. He brings a wealth of experience in the Dartmouth Bandits organization, as the current President of the organization, as well as experience coaching many different levels.   

Coaching Staff: Mark Anderson, Jordan Coyle, Ian Higgins, Graham Robertson, Kevin Cahill, and Ryan Fougere

Mark, Jordan, Ian, Kevin and Ryan are all alumni of the SMU Lacrosse program. Mark, Ian, and Ryan have helped fine-tune the offense, while Jordan and Kevin have been working with the defense. Graham has been a vital part of the team for many years now as our H2O Manager.




Team fees are $350.




2017 Regular Season 


Away Team                   Score              Home Team                  Score              Date                

SMU Huskies                  18                     UNB Buccaneers            9                      Sep 09, 2017

St FX X-Men                   19                     Mt. A Mounties               2                      Sep 09, 2017

St FX X-Men                   17                     UNB Buccaneers            3                      Sep 10, 2017

SMU Huskies                  16                     Mt. A Mounties               5                      Sep 10, 2017

SMU Huskies                  18                     Acadia Axemen              6                      Sep 15, 2017

Dalhousie Tigers            10                     St FX X-Men                   5                      Sep 16, 2017

UNB Buccaneers            16                     Mt. A Mounties               14                     Sep 16, 2017

Dalhousie Tigers            19                     Acadia Axemen              1                      Sep 17, 2017

SMU Huskies                  9                      St FX X-Men                   15                     Sep 17, 2017

Mt. A Mounties               6                      Acadia Axemen              13                     Sep 23, 2017

SMU Huskies                  4                      Dalhousie Tigers            12                     Sep 23, 2017

UNB Buccaneers            7                      SMU Huskies                  20                     Sep 24, 2017

Acadia Axemen              5                      SMU Huskies                  20                     Sep 28, 2017

UNB Buccaneers            0                      Dalhousie Tigers            22                     Sep 30, 2017

Mt. A Mounties               6                      SMU Huskies                  20                     Sep 30, 2017


2017 Playoffs 


Away Team                   Score              Home Team                  Score              Date                

Mt. A Mounties               2                      SMU Huskies                  22                     Nov 03, 2017  

UNB Buccaneers            7                      Acadia Axemen              10                     Nov 03, 2017  

Acadia Axemen              1                      Dalhousie Tigers            14                     Nov 04, 2017  

SMU Huskies                  13                     St FX X-Men                   12                     Nov 04, 2017  

SMU Huskies                  5                      Dalhousie Tigers            11                     Nov 05, 2017



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Additional Club Documents

Sport Club Policy Manual 2018-2019