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Men's Field Lacrosse (League)

About The Club

The 2013/14 SMU Lacrosse team wrapped up their ninth year as a program with a 6-3 record.

 Many Huskies were singled out for their conference play and include:

Senior Spencer Gallant (League MVP, Top Senior, 1st-Team All-Star)

Freshmen Dan Michel (Top Rookie, 2nd-Team All-Star)

Junior Mitchell DuTrizac (Top Goalie, 1st-Team All-Star)

Also making the 2nd-Team All-Stars were: Aidan Scott, Colin Werle and Spencer Pringle.


Off the field, the SMU Lacrosse team were proud to participate in SHINE-A-RAMA and fundraised for the Special Olympics NS by wearing red laces in our cleats. SMU Lacrosse wishes to acknowledge and thank our graduating players and general manager/program founder on their Huskies career: Spencer Gallant, David Newcombe, Josh Vincent, Sean Murphy, Spencer Pringle, and Steve Gilbert (GM).


We look forward to our 10th year as a program in 2014 and hosting the Transnational Lacrosse Conference in October 2014!

Coach Information

Dominic Nolasco - Head Coach
(902) 579-6507
Steve Gilbert - General Manager
(902) 293-9009             

2014-2015 Club Executives

Thomas Oulton- President
Mitchell DuTrizac- Vice President
Tanner MacDonald- Secretary


Team fees are $350.

2013 Lacrosse Winners  
2013 Lacrosse Winners