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May 2016

Newsletter written by: Waye Mason, Councillor - District 7 (Halifax South Downtown)

   Update #44 – Participatory Budgeting Vote Project List Is Online, Gorsebrook Park Clean Up, More

Short update today, wanted to remind folks about the Participatory Budgeting vote, and let you know the project list is now online!


Participatory Budgeting Community Vote
Wednesday, June 1 – 6:00 to 8:30 pm | Lindsay Children’s Room, Halifax Central Library

Groups will present the 11 eligible projects in a “Science Fair Show-and-Tell style” event, and residents of District 7 get to vote on projects they wanted to see get funded. Each resident is provided a ballot and must vote on five projects. Each presenting group is encouraged to flood the vote with their supporters, but their supports have to vote on five separate projects for the ballot to be counted!

Over 335 residents participated in the discussion with project sponsors and voted throughout the course of the evening in 2015. Votes were tallied that evening and the funded projects announced that night. Residents of all ages are allowed to vote! Bring your children!  

To read about the potential projects go to:

Gorsebrook Park Pick-me-up
Saturday, June 4 – 9:30am start time

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up is Nova Scotia’s largest volunteer-driven community clean-up program, promoting litter clean-ups across the province, and we are bringing it to Gorsebrook Park! The Clean Foundation has provided supplies and support to participants, including gloves and bags. We are also hoping to sweep clear the play area behind Inglis Street School.  If there is sufficient interest we may expand the day to include other park related projects, like painting. If your team or group wants to help with this, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!


Halifax Cycle Coalition Meet & Greet
5553 Bloomfield Street | 7:30-9:30 am

People can drop in any time between 7:30 and 9:30 at our new office at 5553 Bloomfield Street. There will be free coffee and baked goods. Everyone is welcome to bring a friend and stay as little or as long as they’d like. RSVP on our website to help us plan the amount of coffee and snacks to provide.

Community Health Board Survey
Online | Last day to participate is June 15

Every three years the Community Health Board asks people and organizations to tell us what they need to improve their health and how to create social and physical environments that promote health. Based on this, we put together a Community Health Plan, including recommendations. The Nova Scotia Health Authority is mandated to consider these recommendations in their health-services business plan. The survey is available in English, French, and Arabic and will be posted until June 15.  Please let us know what you think by completing our survey at:

Connect with Community
Deadline to apply May 27, 2016

HRM is looking for some help from Councillors and their community contacts/networks to help to get the word out on the following opportunities:

  • Active Transportation (Representative from a group that promotes walkability)
  • District 7 & 8 Planning Advisory Committee
  • Domestic and Feral Cat Advisory Committee (Citizen at Large who do not have any affiliation with Conversation or Rescue Groups and Veterinarians)
  • North West Planning Advisory Committee
  • Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee
  • Regional Watersheds Advisory Board (The following Representatives:  North West Community Council, Academia and Environmental NGO’s or Recreational Organizations)

The Deadline for Applications: May 27, 2016
Online applications:
Any questions can be emailed to:

HCIF Meet Up and BBQ
Wednesday, June 22, 6-8pm | North Branch Memorial Library

The Halifax Community Investment Fund (HCIF) Society will be holding a community meeting and BBQ. The purpose of the meeting and BBQ is to celebrate the successes of the people and organizations who have received grants and bursaries from the HCIF over the past few years. The meeting will also discuss the HCIF’s activities and outline potential funding opportunities for organizations that reside and function inside the catchment area of the HCIF, which is the region bounded by North, Cogswell, Agricola and Barrington Streets. All community members are welcome to attend.

 Call 311 for:

  • Animal services & licenses
  • Bylaw complaints
  • City event information
  • Construction services
  • Customer service
  • Garbage collection schedules
  • Illegally parked vehicle complaints
  • Bus schedules
  • Parking ticket payments
  • Property tax information
  • Requests concerning parks, playgrounds and sports fields
  • Requests for street and sidewalk maintenance
  • Traffic and street lights; concerns and suggestions
  • Waste water services 

This service includes a new interpretation service that will allow information to be passed on in 150 different languages.

Halifax Regional Municipality managers said they think the new 3-1-1 system will be particularly useful for university students who come from across the country and around the world.


Transforming Our Neighbourhood One Street at A Time

Saint Mary’s University Centre for Housing & Residence Life is sending out a campus sized thank you to those residence TRASHFORMERS who swapped their Saturday morning sleep for street cleaning duty. Armed with pretty plastic gloves and blue T’s, this elite team of students can be seen strutting their stuff every Saturday morning from September to October, cleaning up litter along Inglis Street, Gorsebrook Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Tower Road, and Robie Street plus others.

Their reasons for giving up Saturday mornings go far beyond their room doors and they believe it is just one of many steps in the right direction of  “ giving back to the community “. Filling a bag of trash is only one goal the students achieve during their Saturday morning rituals.

All collected litter is also sorted and recycled according to HRM guidelines, providing students with the opportunity to promote recycling while giving back to the community.  Students also have a chance to chat and meet with local neighbors thus making neighbours aware that university students do more than just party over the weekend. Their efforts have a number of positive side effects on the surrounding neighborhoods such as:

  • Showing the community firsthand how working together can really make the community the best it can be.  
  • Allowing local neighbors to be part of an active clean solution     
  • Building confidence and changing attitudes and opinions of students throughout the community 

The Neighbourhood Committee Assistant for Trashformers encourages ALL SMU Students to join the team. Claiming that this experience “provided her with a better understanding of recycling, it is just one of many ways to socialize and create a strong bond with other students, and how easy it really is to give something back”.  The future of Trashformers looks to be bright, with the hopes to expand and start new projects, to raise more environmental sustainability awareness throughout the community and university campus, and to increase student participation.

Start taking pride in our shared neighbourhood today and enjoy the rewards. If you have any questions and/or comments please email us at  

What can I do to welcome my new neighbours?

Say hello! - Introduce yourself and your family;
Take the time to learn something about your new neighbours;
Try to imagine what it would be like to leave your home and move to a new place;
Take an interest in learning about other cultures and traditions;
Share a dish, a recipe or something from your garden;
Invite your neighbours for a coffee or a meal;
Organize a sport event, BBQ, a street party or a film night and involve your new
neighbours in the event;
Share with them places to visit, things to see, fun things to do and plan an outing
If you have kids encourage them to play together or walk to school together;
Let them know if there is a neighbourhood association or group they can join;
Answer questions about garbage pick-up, recycling, composting, seasonal home
decorating etc.;
Make them feel like they’re part of the community!

As always I welcome your feedback, positive or negative, and would be glad to meet with neighbours individually to hear any concerns.

Sarah Morris
Assistant Director, Student Services
902-420-5615 (Secretary), 902-420-5601 (Direct line)