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August 2016

Newsletter written by: Waye Mason, Councillor - District 7 (Halifax South Downtown)

Update #48 – Centre Plan Growth Scenarios, public hearings, Natal Day, more

Centre Plan Growth Scenarios for District 7

Proposed Zoning Changes Feedback required by August 5

HRM is currently in the midst of a major planning consultation that will result in a new secondary planning strategy and land use bylaw for the urban core of Halifax (the peninsula and Dartmouth inside the circumferential highway).

The planning process is called the Centre Plan and there have been a series of public consultations over many months.  On June 27, the planning team working on the project released the proposed Growth Scenarios for the urban core.  What they are sharing are some ideas of “Where and How Should We Grow?”  For further detail on the background information on the Centre Plan please go to the website:

The continued growth of HRM over the next 15 years will affect District 7 and could affect your neighbourhood.  Several scenarios are proposed to help residents think about how this new growth could happen. These include:

Primary Growth Areas which could include proposals for tall buildings (above 7 storeys) and moderate buildings (4-6 storeys) but this will depend on the availability of land and standards for design of tall and moderate buildings.

  • Robie/Spring Garden/Carleton/College
  • Gottingen/Creighton/Buddy Daye/Maitland/Cogswell/Brunswick
  • Quinpool/Connaught/Pepperell/Windsor/Welsford/Robie

The Centre Plan will propose detailed plans for these identified areas to make sure that new development does not negatively impact the community.

Secondary Corridors which could support new housing in moderate buildings (4-6 storeys)

  • Robie from South to Quinpool
  • South Street from Queen to Oxford
  • Ingis Street from Barrington to South Park

Infill development that can include semi-detached dwellings, flats, townhouses, secondary suites – a form of development called ‘invisible density’ because it is integrated with the existing form.

For specific information on these scenarios please go to the Centre Plan link and click on June 27 Open House Info Package.

Please consider the following:

  • The growth scenarios are proposals – this is your opportunity to provide feedback on where you think growth could take place and in what form.  Your feedback will inform the next stage of planning for the Centre Plan.
  • The Primary Growth Areas include both tall and moderate buildings – should some parts of these areas be moderate only? Or remain (or become) Established Residential Areas?
  • The secondary corridors will result in more density along road corridors – are they in the right place?  Are there areas where no redevelopment should happen?
  • Infill development can offer opportunity for aging in place and a range of housing options.  It can also provide homeowners with supplementary income to help with housing affordability.  Is infill development important for your neighbourhood and will it provide density that will respect the current form of your neighbourhood?
  • Please review this list of areas proposed for growth and provide comments to staff and myself by Aug. 5.  I would encourage you to contact your neighbours to make sure they are also aware of the proposed changes.  You can email your comments to:


Halifax and West Community Council
August 2, 2016 6pm | Halifax City Hall
The next meeting of the Halifax and West Community Council is scheduled for August 3 at 6pm at Halifax City Hall. For information on the agenda, which is available the Friday prior to the meeting, please visit – the following cases are scheduled to be heard:  Case 19912 – Appeal of Variance Approval – 1597 Dresden Row, Halifax, Case 18464 – MPS & LUB Amendments and Development Agreement, Bright Place, Lady Hammond Road and Normandy Drive, Halifax, Case 20265 – Amendment to the I-3 (General Industrial) Zone under the Halifax Mainland Land Use By-law, Case 19987: Development Agreement for 1034, 1042, 1050, and 1056 Wellington Street, Halifax.

Halifax Regional Council Public Hearings
August 9, 2016 6pm | Halifax City Hall
Plan Dutch Village Road – HRM-initiated application to consider comprehensive planning policies that enable additional commercial and residential developments on the lands located within Dutch Village Road and neighbouring areas.  Case 18599 – Amend Eastern Passage/Cow Bay Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law to consider a two five-storey multiple unit buildings (120 total units) at 1490 Main Road in Eastern Passage.  Case 19258 Application by W.M. Fares Group, for lands at 8 Linden Lea to consider a 41 dwelling unit four-storey multiple unit building.


District 7 Event listing August 2016
Halifax International Busker Festival 2016
July 27 – August 1, 2016 | Halifax Waterfront
The Halifax International Busker Festival is the oldest and largest of its kind in Canada and features performers from around the world. Come out and watch them perform a wide variety of street theatre, acrobatics, music, visual arts, fire displays and comedy. Admittance to the festival is free, but it is asked that you show performers your appreciation of their talents by tipping the hat! For more information visit

Natal Day Festival 2016
July 29-August 1, 2016 | Various locations around HRM
Come out and celebrate the city’s 121st Natal Day! More than 30 individual events are planned and include family activities, live concerts, talent showcases, one of the oldest parades in Atlantic Canada and a spectacular fireworks show on the Halifax Harbour. Please note that the parade this year will only be in Dartmouth due to the MacDonald bridge closure. For a full listing of events, please visit

Queen’s Marque Public Space Engagement
Wednesday, August 3: 6pm | Maritime Museum of The Atlantic, 1675 Lower Water Street

Learn more about Queen’s Marque and share your ideas about the public spaces it will create.  Session will run approximately 90 minutes. No RSVP required.  For more info visit:

Newcomers Welcome BBQ 2016
Saturday August 13 at 11am | Halifax Common
This annual Welcome BBQ is a free multicultural family event to help connect and welcome newcomers into our community. Last year over 1500 newcomers and residents enjoyed live music, good food and great company and this year’s event will be much the same!  Please visit for more information. Hope to see you there!

India Fest 2016
August 12-14, 2016 | Halifax Forum, Multipurpose Room
Come out and enjoy the incredible experience of Indian culture with food, dance, and music. There will be a variety of clothing, jewelry and of course, Henna. For more information about this great cultural celebration, please visit

Fall Recreation Programs Registration – August 17
The 2016/17 Fall and Winter Recreation catalogue is now online, and registration for some programs begins August 17th. For more information please visit

Freedom of the City of Halifax Parade
Friday, August 19, 2016 11am | Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
Halifax’s military heritage comes to life, as the Halifax Citadel’s 78th Highlanders march from the Citadel to Grand Parade. This time honored tradition dates as far back as the Roman Empire and features the entire unit on a formal march with drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed. For more information, for more information, please visit

The Tragically Hip concert screening at Grand Parade
August 20, 2016 9:30pm | Grand Parade
The CBC will present a free, live screening of The Tragically Hip’s final concert in Kingston, Ontario on August 20 in Grand Parade. This full day-celebration, titled “Hey Man, Thanks: A Celebration of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip in Downtown Halifax” will also include live daytime musical performances throughout Downtown, and the closure of Argyle Street for a day-long street party. This free, family-friendly event will include fundraising components in support of the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division. For more information, please visit


Transforming Our Neighbourhood One Street at A Time

Saint Mary’s University Centre for Housing & Residence Life is sending out a campus sized thank you to those residence TRASHFORMERS who swapped their Saturday morning sleep for street cleaning duty. Armed with pretty plastic gloves and blue T’s, this elite team of students can be seen strutting their stuff every Saturday morning from September to October, cleaning up litter along Inglis Street, Gorsebrook Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Tower Road, and Robie Street plus others.

Their reasons for giving up Saturday mornings go far beyond their room doors and they believe it is just one of many steps in the right direction of  “ giving back to the community “. Filling a bag of trash is only one goal the students achieve during their Saturday morning rituals.

All collected litter is also sorted and recycled according to HRM guidelines, providing students with the opportunity to promote recycling while giving back to the community.  Students also have a chance to chat and meet with local neighbors thus making neighbours aware that university students do more than just party over the weekend. Their efforts have a number of positive side effects on the surrounding neighborhoods such as:

  • Showing the community firsthand how working together can really make the community the best it can be.  
  • Allowing local neighbors to be part of an active clean solution     
  • Building confidence and changing attitudes and opinions of students throughout the community 

The Neighbourhood Committee Assistant for Trashformers encourages ALL SMU Students to join the team. Claiming that this experience “provided her with a better understanding of recycling, it is just one of many ways to socialize and create a strong bond with other students, and how easy it really is to give something back”.  The future of Trashformers looks to be bright, with the hopes to expand and start new projects, to raise more environmental sustainability awareness throughout the community and university campus, and to increase student participation.

Start taking pride in our shared neighbourhood today and enjoy the rewards. If you have any questions and/or comments please email us at  

What can I do to welcome my new neighbours?

Say hello! - Introduce yourself and your family;
Take the time to learn something about your new neighbours;
Try to imagine what it would be like to leave your home and move to a new place;
Take an interest in learning about other cultures and traditions;
Share a dish, a recipe or something from your garden;
Invite your neighbours for a coffee or a meal;
Organize a sport event, BBQ, a street party or a film night and involve your new
neighbours in the event;
Share with them places to visit, things to see, fun things to do and plan an outing
If you have kids encourage them to play together or walk to school together;
Let them know if there is a neighbourhood association or group they can join;
Answer questions about garbage pick-up, recycling, composting, seasonal home
decorating etc.;
Make them feel like they’re part of the community!

As always I welcome your feedback, positive or negative, and would be glad to meet with neighbours individually to hear any concerns.

Sarah Morris
Assistant Director, Student Services
902-420-5615 (Secretary), 902-420-5601 (Direct line)