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Campus Recruiting

Reach out to our Saint Mary’s University students for all your recruitment needs!‌

Employer Information Session

Hosting an Information Session is an excellent opportunity for interested students and/or alumni to learn about employment opportunities that may become available within your organization. Employers usually recruit for full time, internships and new graduate positions. Information sessions are typically held in the early evening, 1-2 hours in length including a presentation followed by a Q&A. Organizations are given a classroom  equipped with audio visual equipment and a  username/password will be provided for your log-in. Employers are also welcome to bring their own equipment, if they prefer.

Sometimes employers like to schedule these events to coincide with career fairs, advertised position and deadlines. Some companies may offer handouts, resume reviews and speak with students on a one-on-one basis.

Campus availability is limited. Please provide us with one to two weeks' notice allowing us time to schedule your location and promote your sessions to our students.

Contact: / 902.420.5499

Employer Showcase Table

Interested in recruiting our students in a more relaxed atmosphere?  Book space with us! Promote job opportunities that may be available within your company, enhance your company's awareness and network with potential employees. These events give students the opportunity to review your reference materials while making connections with company representatives.

Tables availability are from September to May.

Contact: / 902.420.5499

Is there a charge for me to book an event?

Our centre provides this service free of charge.

Do you want your event catered?

Employers are welcome to have their event catered.  All catering must be supplied by our in-house catering staff; contact for a complete menu and payment option.

Let us take care of advertising your event

  • Targeted emails are a great way to reach students, staff members, societies and faculties.  If you would like our centre to forward your targeted email, please include:
    • Name of organization/profile, employer contact(optional),website and address
    • Event title, including date, time and location
    • Types of candidates you are seeking: major/comcentration,grade level, graduate student, etc...
    • Application procedures(optional)
    • Please send your email in a format easily copied to
  • Social Media
    • Digital tools makes it possible, allowing students to connect through the use of Facebook, Twitter and  LinkedIn.
  • Posters
    • Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating to students about your particular event, playing an important role in your advertising strategy. We will promote your information session or recruitment event by putting posters up in areas of high student traffic on campus, increasing the visibility of your organization. Electronic posters will be sent to the corresponding departments and faculty members.  

Setting up on-campus Interviews

  1. Interviewing on campus is both easy and a convenient way to recruit our students.  We provide space (free of charge) for employers to come and interview students for full time or part time, new graduate opportunities and internships.
  2. Our centre will be pleased to schedule interview times with your chosen candidates; a list of contact names and contact information will be required
  3. Interview rooms can be booked weekdays between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm
  4. Employers are encouraged to contact us early to assure space is available. Please notify us immediately if you require cancelation.

Contact: / 902.420.5499