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Black Student Advisor

Welcome, both new and returning Saint Mary's University students!

The Black Student Advisor is here to assist you throughout your University career in as many ways as possible. All students are welcome to visit us for information on employment, scholarships, bursaries, housing, events, and black culture. Services of the Advisor are available to students of ALL ethnic backgrounds who are associated with Saint Mary's University.

Did you know Saint Mary’s has a Black Student Advisor?

What is the role of the BSA you ask?

My role is to provide education around support services to all students of African descent studying at Saint Mary’s. I can provide you with information packages on scholarships, awards, bursaries and employment opportunities specifically for students of African descent! Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

I am here to provide all students with a wide variety of services and opportunities available on campus, within the community and across Canada. If you’re looking for money for tuition, exciting job and volunteering opportunities and a place to learn, promote and express your African Canadian culture and heritage come and visit me! I have tonnes of information for you so come on up to Student Services and access everything you need to flourish while studying at Saint Mary’s as a student of African descent!

Office Hours (September to April) - please feel free to drop in during the following hours:
(The BSA is not available during the summer months but if you have questions or comments please contact us by email or phone and someone will respond to you)

You can also contact me via email at blackstudentadvisor@smu.caor call me during office hours at 496-8172.

Contact Information:

Student Centre
Room 423, 4th floor
Phone: 902-496-8172

Please find the current edition of the ‌our Black Student Advising Handbook 2013-2014.

Community Organizations

Another way to gain some experience and information is to make contact with some of the organizations in the community that promote personal development. The following is a list of some of these organizations:

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Comments and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions, or ideas on particular events, please email us at