Campus Life

African Descent Student Ambassador

The role of the African Descent Student Ambassador is to provide information and resources to students of African Descent attending Saint Mary’s University, as well as raise cultural awareness and education, campus-wide.

This position is tasked with keeping up-to-date on campus resources and services, in order to promote them to students, as well as maintaining website and social media presence to keep students of African Descent informed about unique scholarship, bursary, volunteer, and employment opportunities, both on-campus and in the community.

The African Descent Ambassador is a student-held position, funded through our SMUWorks program and runs each academic year from October to April.


Please find the current edition of the African Descent Student Ambassador Handbook

Community Organizations

Another way to gain some experience and gather relevant information is to make contact with some of the organizations in the community that promote personal development and focus on issues and topics specific to those of African Descent. The following is a list of some of these organizations:

 Note: Our African Descent Student Ambassador position is held by a student from October 1st  to April 1st each year.

 Please see the following links for support during the spring and summer months: Academic Advisors, Service Centre, and Recruitment/Admissions.