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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Chemistry & Engineering
  • Home Country: Saint Lucia
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish & French

SMUdent Bio

Program & Major: Bachelor of Science, Chemistry and a prospective biomedical engineer.

Year of Study: 2

Why I chose SMU: I chose Saint Mary’s mainly because this university offers a phenomenal Chemistry program with the opportunity of gaining insightful research experience that engages students like myself with avenues in societies and weekly workshops. Henceforth, at that moment, I knew that Saint Mary’s was the laudable university due to its foundation and was built on academics, dedication, integrity, sporting activities, unity and God.

Involvement on Campus: During my first year at SMU, I was a member of LEAP: a first year non- academic course geared at assisting students with the transition to university. I am presently associated with the Service Leadership Committee, On- Point Volunteers and I am currently the chair of the Multicultural Committee at Saint Mary’s!

Favourite Activities: My pastimes include playing basketball in the gym, going out for a walk, and relaxing with other international and Canadian students.

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