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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Commerce
  • Home Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English & French

SMUdent Bio

Program & Major: Bachelor of Commerce.
Major: Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Minor: French

Year of Study: 2

Why I chose SMU: As a proud Halifax native, SMU has always been a part of my life. Some of the reasons I chose Saint Mary’s include: the small campus size, friendly atmosphere, great programs, and of course my love for the color maroon!

Involvement on Campus: For a student living at home, I spend a lot of time on campus. I work at The Language Centre, go to Zumba class at The Homburg Centre, volunteer with different societies, and work with the executive team of the Speak Up! society as one of their co-presidents.

Favourite Activities: I love anything that allows me to be outdoors; hiking, kayaking, reading, or touring downtown Halifax. My favourite thing to do on campus, is to put on my school clothes and cheer on the Huskies at one of our home games!

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