Scott Reinhardt BComm'14

Scott Reinhardt BComm'14

Scott Reinhardt’s business mantra is simple: just go for it. It’s a credo that’s worked well for the young entrepreneur so far. He started investing in the stock market at just 14 years of age and by 19 had bought and sold five businesses.

“Even when things haven’t work out exactly as I imagined, it’s always a good learning experience,” says the 23-year-old. “I never worry about the risks; I just think of the freedom I have to make my own decisions. That’s something you can’t buy.”

Scott was just 15 when he started his first business, a vending machine operation selling chips and other snack food items. Too young to have a driver’s licence, Scott’s parents ferried him around to the various machines in the first few months. “When I got my licence, I really started growing the company,” he laughs.

Over the next four years, Scott bought out other vending operations until he had more than 100 machines operating in the Metro Halifax area. “It was a great starter business for me. I learned a lot, especially when I bought out other companies. I used the money generated for more investing.”

These extra funds enabled him to start up his own landscaping company. The idea for Green Roots Landscaping Limited actually took root while Scott was working in the back shop at Ashburn Golf Course during high school. Never one to back away from a challenge, Scott launched his new venture while still running his vending operation and starting his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Saint Mary’s University. “I researched like crazy before getting into it. It was a busy time for sure, but it’s worked out great.”

Majoring in small business and entrepreneurship (of course!), Scott graduated in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed his time at SMU.  “It’s a great university and I would have liked to have been more involved in campus activities, but I just didn’t have time.”

No kidding. Ever since he got into business, Scott has worked almost constantly. As a student, he says one of his most important lessons was to learn to manage his time wisely. This enabled him to launch a third business while still in school—Halifax Asphalt Care—all while managing his studies and working 10 to 15 hours a week as a volunteer firefighter.

It’s an abundantly full plate, Scott admits, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You can spend your life working for someone else, on their schedule, building up their business or organization. Or, you can go your own way and build and learn for yourself. I guess I’ve made my choice. It’s what I’ve always done.”