Perry Falconer Owner of Petride Halifax

Featured Loyalty Card Partner

Featured in Maroon & White, Spring 2014

Perry Falconer BComm'05Perry Falconer, BComm’05, is a local business owner looking to give Saint Mary’s Alumni opportunities to save with their pets.  After he graduated from the Sobey School of Business in 2005, Perry carried on the Saint Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit by creating a very unique business and service for those in Nova Scotia.  Petride Halifax offers a special experience by offering transportation and care for your pets when you are at work or otherwise unavailable.  This is particularly great for those who have busy and hectic lives, but still care a lot for their furry (or sometimes scaly) companions.

Perry spent 11 years in competitive amateur motor sport in Nova Scotia and Alberta, learning much about car control and safe driving.  As a life-long pet lover, Perry felt that it was time such a service came to exist in the Halifax area. 

The idea for the business came from an experience with his pet Ozzy.  As a frisky puppy, he jumped from Perry's arms and landed on asphalt breaking both front legs.  Fortunately for Ozzy, Perry was off work for a time and was able to transport Ozzy to the vet, followed by a specialist, andfinally to the emergency hospital for recovery.  He was also available for the numerous follow-up care visits. This made Perry think, what do people with strict work schedules, or without a car do when they have the same thing happen to their pets?  This was the birth of PetRide Halifax.  Ozzy is now the company's mascot. 

Perry has been a part of the Loyalty Card Program since its beginnings in 2012, and he’s seen alumni take advantage of the discount and service.  He explains that his service is “made with your pet’s comfort and your schedule in mind,” and even offers suggested veterinarians, kennels, trainers, and walkers to help you take the best care of your pet.