Micah Brown BA '13

Micah Brown BA '13Micah Brown, starting quarterback with the Saint Mary’s University Huskies for the 2010 season, enjoyed his time at SMU so much, he comes back to visit every chance he gets.

The only hitch is that he currently lives in Germany! But his fiancée is from Nova Scotia so they get back often.

“When I visit, I stop by and see everybody who helped me along the way, who was an integral part of my success.”

When Brown says he stops by to visit everybody, he means it, listing more than a dozen people – by name – from various departments, including administration, security, athletics, and recruitment. Even people at the bookstore and the cafeteria get a mention.

Felt Like Family

“I went to other schools before SMU where I was ‘the quarterback,’ but at SMU I was treated like an individual. It felt like family to me,” he says.

And – just like family – Brown did his share, even helping to clean at the Tower. “Anything I could do to help or be useful, I’d do it.”

Brown is currently playing with the Marburg Mercenaries, a football team in Marburg, Germany, where he is also working on his master’s degree at Philipps-Universität Marburg in North American Studies. “Yeah, I had to come all the way to Germany to study about North America,” Brown laughs.

Brown was born in New York but grew up in Tampa, Florida. He was just five years old when he got his first shoulder pads. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t play football. It’s been my whole life,” he says.

Now at 27, Brown has had a remarkable career. After graduating high school, he went to Auburn University in Alabama before switching over to Southwest Mississippi College mid-season. In his second season he played for West Virginia University Tech before moving to Saint Paul’s College in Virginia and then York University in Ontario for a brief period in 2009.That’s when he was signed on with the Canadian Football League, where he trained first with the Hamilton Tigercats then the Toronto Argonauts.

2010 saw him arrive at St. Mary’s University, where he led the Huskies to the 2010 Conference title. The year after, he had a mix of good and bad news. Brown learned Canadian Interuniversity Sport rules would prevent him from playing with the Huskies again, but on the upside, he did get to represent his native US at the 2011 IFAF World Championships in Austria, where the American team trounced the Canadians.


That tournament put him on the path to Germany and it was there that Brown was offered a two-year contract from the Marburg Mercenaries head coach. The deal was sweetened with an offer of an administrative job with the team for Brown’s fiancée, Kelly Lear.

“We’re having a great time here,” he says. “We’re both students and the university is just five minutes from the stadium. We’re loving it.”

The couple will be back in Halifax for their planned November wedding and after that, well, who knows? “I’m always open to new opportunities. I’d love to get into coaching and give back to the sport that has given so much to me.”

Brown is right. Football has been good to him; paying for three university degrees and now a Master’s. “It’s also taught me some valuable things, like dedication, commitment and determination.”

His dream job?

“I would love to coach at SMU. That would be fantastic.”