Matthew Thomas BA'09

My name is Matthew Thomas, I’m from East Preston, NS. I’m 28 years old. I have a beautiful wife Alyssa and together we have 2 children, Ava who is 7 and Parker who is 22 months. We’re expecting another child in November. I’m currently in the Masters of Divinity program at Acadia Divinity College. I travel once a week from Cole Harbour where I currently reside.

What is your training and previous work experience?

I worked in the justice system with the Community Justice Society. I was the casework coordinator for the Restorative Justice Program in the Halifax region. Prior to this I completed my undergraduate studies at Saint Mary’s University, receiving my BA in criminology.

In 2012 I rededicated my life to Christ, prior to this I back slid and drifted away from God and the church. But upon my rededication, God highlighted some circumstances over my life that directed me to pastoral ministry. I had a conversation with my Pastor who happened to just begin his tenure at my church. In our conversation, I mentioned that I feel like I’m being called to ministry. He suggested that I look into ADC and apply. I did, I applied and I was accepted.This was the final conformation for me to realize I was in the right place.

I eventually started the youth ministry at my church, then in August 2013, I resigned from my job to become the first youth pastor at New Beginnings Ministries in Dartmouth. This is only a short synopsis of my calling, I have much more details to share so if you see me on campus we can chat more about it. But I do want to share this last thought. I now know that my calling is bigger than just ministry in the church. I believe that God’s calling on our lives is not relegated to church ministry rather, he wants us to use our calling in everything we do. For example, I know that my calling, my purpose on this earth is for the betterment of all young people, not just Christian youth but all young people, therefore everything I do in the church or in community is ministry.

Tell us about your current ministry and responsibilities.

I’m currently the youth pastor at New Beginnings Ministries. I oversee children and youth ministry, which consists of our youth group, YGC (Youth Growing in Christ) and our children’s church (Genesis).

Also, I oversee our lunch program were students from the local Junior High School come to the church to hang out and have lunch. I also play an executive roll in the church and preach on a monthly basis.

I’m a guest speaker at various youth events across Nova Scotia throughout the year. Lastly, I help organize a crime prevention program in the community. This program is an initiative of 4 churches in our convention which offers a Rites of Passage mentorship program for children and youth.