Why Take LEAP?

LEAP stands for Learning, Engagement, Achievement and Peer Mentors. Taking this unique, year-long program will help you ease into university life, while meeting friends and gaining valuable skills.

The LEAP Advantage:

  • Small class sizes. When you sign up for LEAP, at least one of your courses (or lab in Science) will consist of only 30 students. You’ll get to know other students and your professors well.
  • Friendships. Students in a LEAP community have some courses in common. Taking courses with the same group of students makes it easy to form lasting friendships.
  • Skills development. LEAP's workshops equip you with the skills you need to succeed, like time management, study skills, and advice on everything from budgeting to career planning.
  • Peer Mentors. Learn from fellow students who have been through the same first-year challenges and can answer your questions.

Additional Skills and Benefits

Students who take part in LEAP:

  • Learn to balance study with other demands
  • Gain both study skills and everyday life skills such as, personal organization, budgeting and time management
  • Have an easier time selecting courses
  • Increase their chance of academic success
  • Form solid friendships that last
  • Quickly feel part of the SMU community
  • Have access to study sessions organized by peer mentors