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An effectively working team can accomplish far greater results than the same number of people working independently. However, there are no guarantees that all teams will work well together. In the Certificate in Team Building and Group Dynamics, the focus is on team building and how best to develop positive group dynamics.

Teams develop in stages and each of those stages contributes to the overall development of a strong team. The time spent to determine how the team will work together, what the roles are for the various team members including the leader and what will be used to measure the team's outcomes are all essential to team development. All teams experience differing group dynamics and it is important to understand how you can and will work together despite differences. Team members and leaders who understand how to diagnose and intervene in group dynamics will also be able to confidently meet the challenges that inevitably arise within any group.

The courses in the Certificate in Team Building and Group Dynamics will help you focus on how to develop a team to work together to achieve success and manage team issues effectively and appropriately.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate must be completed within a two-year period. Participants must complete all three required seminars.

6 Day Certificate

*Register for the Certificate in Team Building and Group Dynamics and receive a discount of $100 off the regular price of your third seminar.

Fee: $2,195*
Facilitators: Brenda Fair, BA, CPHR, Michael Kennedy, BSc, CAE, MEd, Alison McEachern, MEd
Location: Saint Mary's University at the World Trade Centre, 8th Floor, 1800 Argyle Street


3 Required Seminars

Successful Team Leadership (formerly Building Strong and Successful Teams) – Learn the essential mechanics of team development and how to create or develop a team that will successfully achieve its outcomes

  • 2 DAYS

Leveraging Team Dynamics (formerly Recognizing and Managing Personality Differences) - How to build better strategies and habits for a stronger and more effective team

  • 2 DAYS

Essential Facilitation Skills - for team and group leaders – Develop your ability to observe and intervene in group dynamics effectively so that you keep your team members on track to achieve results

  • 2 DAYS