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Clickers are wireless responders that you can use to actively engage students during lectures. They allow you to solicit answers from all students in your class, quickly assess their grasp of new course content (e.g. pre- and post-teaching of a concept), and even conduct quizzes. The software can also store a record of the student responses that you can access and analyze later.

Most students find that using clickers increases their enjoyment and learning within lectures.

Saint Mary’s has adopted Turning Technologies Canada products for all courses using clickers:

  • TurningPoint polling software
  • ResponseCard RF LCD clickers
  • ResponseWare that allows students to use their phone or other mobile device as a clicker

Clickers and mobile devices can be used together in the same class. Students can purchase their ResponseCard or access code for their mobile device from the university bookstore.  The same response card can be used for any class the student is taking that uses TurningPoint, and it is also good from year to year, so there is no need to purchase more than one. However, both instructors and students now need a Turning Technologies account, and students will need an active license. Licenses can be purchased online at, or at the bookstore. Instructors can pick up their receivers and a response card from the SASC; and should inform the Bookstore that they will be using TurningPoint when they order their textbooks.

To begin teaching with clickers, please contact the Software and Application Support Centre (SAS) for an introduction to clickers, as well as ongoing training and support.