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Brightspace Training Resources for Instructors

The Software and Application Support Centre (SASC) provides Brightspace support for the Saint Mary’s community.

Access Brightspace through SMUPort.

Online courses are supported through eLearning.

To get started with Brightspace, access materials below by left clicking on the PDF icon or YouTube icon: 

Please note, in a blank course (no content), a module must be created first, to add content. As seen by this screenshot:



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‌ Add Content            ‌‌

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‌ Add a Module          

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‌  Add a TA                 

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‌ Quizzes

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‌  Discussions


‌  Dropbox                 


‌  Managing Files


















Adding a Book Provider

Table of Contents Overview

Exporting to Excel from Grades

Manually Migrating a course from Blackboard to Brightspace