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Faculty, researchers and students invited to use and contribute to the new Sobey School PRME Library

Date Published: October 23, 2017

Visit the new publicly available ethics, sustainability and responsibility library

Teaching, learning and researching ethical business, sustainability, and corporate responsibility just became easier.

The Saint Mary's University’s Sobey School of Business today announced the launch of the Sobey School PRME Library*, a curated online collection of educational resources related to ethics, sustainability, and social and environmental issues within and beyond business. The collection was developed in partnership with the Patrick Power Library.

Open to public use, the Sobey School PRME Collection* currently hosts links to 500 books, articles, case studies, simulations, videos, teaching games, and more. Each resource is mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals that it addresses, and resources are fully searchable. Accessing the full text of some articles or materials may require subscription due to copyright protection.

Named for the UN Global Compact’s PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) initiative, the library is intended as a pedagogical and research tool to advance teaching alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals plus foster collaboration and the cross-disciplinary pollination of ideas. The Library is meant as a living document to be co-created moving forward. Faculty members are encouraged to use the library and contribute links to their own published resources to develop further the already-robust repository.

“In our efforts to make an impact with purpose, we focussed on further embedding ethics, innovation, sustainability and responsible management across the breadth of the Sobey School’s programs a few years ago,” said Dr. Patricia Bradshaw, Sobey School of Business Dean.

“Early on, we identified that a central pool of resources would not only help individual faculty members and researchers, it would support better connections across disciplines. This comprehensive library of resources is a powerful gift, and one we are pleased to offer the education and business community.”

“Our hope is that students, faculty, business people and researchers looking for resources around these topics will find this library helpful. It is divided intuitively into topics and cross-disciplinary resources to help people find precisely the tool they need,” said Georgia Atkin, Sobey School’s dedicated PRME Coordinator.

The library, developed and maintained by Atkin, encourages researchers in these areas to submit links to their publications and materials through the Suggest a Resource form.

The resource library is not only for schools that have signed on to the PRME initiative; it may help any who are interested in learning more about responsible management. In becoming a PRME signatory, schools commit to embedding ethics and social responsibility into their programs, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Sobey School signed on to PRME in 2014.

Access the PRME Library from the Saint Mary's University Patrick Power Library website under the list of Subject Guides, or via this link:


*The terms Sobey School PRME Collection and Sobey School PRME Library are used interchangeably herein. The term "library" is used to easily convey to a wider audience the idea of a collection of articles, videos, cases, and other resources.

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