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New Sobey School program helps entrepreneurs and companies expand to international markets

Date Published: August 3, 2017

Entrepreneurs and companies looking to sell to new Canadian and international markets can learn from the experts at the new Sell Beyond Borders program offered by Saint Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business.

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Gerry Pond
Chairman and Co-Founder, Mariner Partners

Sell Beyond Borders is a program designed to help companies identify new markets, determine their sales approach, and understand the cultural nuances that are important to incorporate into their strategy in order to develop the skills needed to sell in global markets.

“This program directly aligns with our mission statement,” said Patricia Bradshaw, dean of the Sobey School of Business. “Sell Beyond Borders enables our entrepreneurial businesses and communities to grow, increasing prosperity across our region. It supports initiatives and priorities of the Atlantic Canadian provincial and federal government in supporting more Atlantic Canadian companies to be successful players in the global marketplace.”

“To succeed and grow, Atlantic Canadian companies need to sell their innovative products and services to customers around the world,” said Gerry Pond, chair, Mariner Partners. “It takes skills in problem-solving, cultural awareness, and negotiations to sell internationally. This program will allow companies to leverage their local skills and knowledge in new markets.”

The program has been developed for the Sobey School by The Conference Board of Canada in partnership with Optimé International and CompreCultures Ltd. Using real-world examples, modern sales techniques and processes, the program will help participants prepare their product for sale in an increasingly complex global market. After three days of in-class work, participants are then supported by coaches throughout an eight-week period used to imbed the learning, and wrap up with a one-day simulation.

“The Canadian innovation challenge boils down to great people and great ideas but poor commercialization,” said Bruce Good, executive director, Centre for Business Innovation at The Conference Board of Canada. “The ability to commercialize and learn how to sell our innovative ideas, products and services are skills that are needed in Canada and this new program will arm sales professionals with the skills and tools to compete in a global marketplace.”

The first offering of the program will begin on November 8, 2017.

Learn more about Selling Beyond Borders, or register now.

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