Stephanie Winter

Success: Applied Project startup co-founder of Seemeply

  • From Antigua & Barbuda
  • Background: Systems Analyst, RBC, Toronto; B.Comm in Computing and Information Systems from Saint Mary's University

Why did you choose the MTEI?

I was looking for an alternative to the standard MBA when I heard about the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. I had a great experience completing my undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s, so I didn’t hesitate to return to Halifax.


What do you feel you got out of the MTEI? 

The MTEI program demystified the process of turning a technology idea into a viable startup. I gained practical knowledge about technology entrepreneurship, as well as the confidence to pursue new career goals. Some of the highlights were participating in the Canadian Business Model Competition and the International Business Model Competition at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington.


What are you doing now and with what company?

My classmate Shawn Simamba and I plan to develop our MTEI Applied Project into a technology business.


Any tips for MTEIers looking for internships?

Do your research on what fields or professions are in demand. Network with professionals in the community. Be open to moving to a different city or province. Seek professional guidance - the laws are always changing.