Michael Curtis

Developing others on his leadership journey

  • Major: Accounting
  • Athlete, scholar and winner of prestigious 2017 Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies.

In early March, Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University student Michael Wayne Curtis was awarded a $25,000 Frank H. Sobey Award. Eight are given annually to business students in the Atlantic region.

With a stunning GPA of 4.26 and the disciplined, teamwork approach of an athlete, Michael Curtis is a force to be reckoned with. Many people would consider being an academically success athlete sufficient success, but Accounting major Michael seeks out other ways to fill his time with helping and supporting others in his community.

Among the activities recognized in his application to the awards committee are a peer mentoring role to support better mental health among his fellow student athletes; helping acclimatize new students from BNUZ in China who come to Saint Mary’s to study; running hockey camps in August of each year to develop youth in the sport; and tutoring other students. Besides this, Michael volunteers to raise donations to the Food Bank and participates in school visits that have seen him take part in book reading, anti-bullying speeches and helping with dances for students with special needs.

He is a member of the Accounting Society and serves as an athletic council representative for Men’s Varsity hockey—he is currently in his third year with the team. Growing up, he worked in a family cleaning business, reaching an operations management position before coming to university, somehow balancing this with time spent on the OHL and even being invited to try out with the Vancouver Canucks. He has had several other employment positions since then, and is currently trying to build a private tutoring practice.

With all of these accomplishments, Michael is also a personable, approachable young man. He sports a tattoo that says, “Lead don’t follow,” and that expresses both his leadership style and his approach to life. With future plans to achieve his CPA and become a partner in a well-respected accounting practice, Michael is already blazing a path of leadership.