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13 Inuit Leaders Graduate with Sobey School Advanced Management Diploma

Date Published: June 15, 2017

Piliriqatigiingniq is an Inuit concept of developing a collaborative relationship, and it is what Sobey School of Business and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc (NTI) have achieved.

Today in Iqaluit, 13 students graduate from a 10-month Advanced Management Diploma program offered by the Sobey School in partnership with NTI, a land claims organization. NTI's mandate is "Inuit Economic, Social and Cultural Well-being Through Implementation of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement."

The students were identified by NTI, either as leaders with the organization or with other Inuit organizations. They come from a vast range of professional positions, with portfolios ranging from social justice to education, housing, GIS and negotiating land claims.

Graduates were: (Employees with NTI)  Jeannie Arreak-Kullualik, Marie Belleau, Lori Flynn, Bernice Clarke, Lucy V Idlaut, Pacome Lloyd, Julia Nauyuk, Nuqlu White, Evie Eegeesiak, Chris Kalluk; (Qikiqtani Inuit Association) Becky Mearns, Romani Makkik; (Atuqtuarvik Corporation) Megan Pizzo-Lyall.

“It was humbling to facilitate a discussion on leadership with these people who are already there, people with opportunities in leadership to be able to make a real difference in their communities. I loved teaching the class,” says Leadership Module instructor Shelley Price.

Price travelled to Iqaluit in May. “It was humbling. Incredible stories were shared. Participants were all very intelligent, as you would expect, but they each had such a passion for giving back to community.”

Faculty and instructors from the Sobey School of Business and Saint Mary’s University travelled to Iqaluit monthly to teach subjects like project management, management, budgeting, negotiations, policy, coaching and mentoring, communications, human resources and strategic thinking.  Faculty have included Sobey professors Dr. Valerie Creelman and Dr. Mark Raymond in addition to professionals such as Deb Peverill and Kevin Schwenker.

NTI approached the Sobey School to develop the custom program. It was important to the organization that their education partner incorporate Inuit communal values, laws and principles, along with leadership competencies into the program. These include Inuuqatigiitsiarniq, which is showing respect and a caring attitude for others, and is foundational to Inuit ways of being; Aajiiqatigiingniq, which is the concept of consensus decision-making, and Pijitsirniq, the concept of serving.

By reaching out to northern communities with custom programs and through building partnerships with organizations like NTI, Saint Mary’s University and the Sobey School demonstrate their commitment to support Canada’s indigenous peoples.

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