International Co-operative Governance Symposium

The International Co-operative Governance Symposium took place in September 2013 at Saint Mary's Univeristy in Halifax, Canada.

Governance practitioners and researchers discussed and debated the challenges and opportunities for co-operative governance on a global scale. Participants included academic researchers and instructors, chief governance officers and corporate secretaries, board chairs and directors, CEOs, co-operative sector organization and association members and governance consultants. 

ICA Report on Governance in Co-operatives

Research and work collected from the Symposium led to the development of an ICA think piece. The report was put together by Sonja Novkovic and Karen Miner from the Co-operative Management Education programs and individuals from the international co-operative community helped author contributions to the piece. This think piece was then presented at the ICA Research Conference in November 2015.

A think piece, such as this one on governance in co-operatives, is designed to be thought-provoking and invite debates and discussions, agreements and disagreements, new ideas and reassurances. The intent was to initiate rich conversations and motivate co-operative members and leadership to re-examine the wide-ranging systems of governance they are a part of. 

Co-operative Governance Fit to Build Resilience in the Face of Complexity

Symposium Program

The program for the International Co-operative Governance Symposium can be found here: Program

Summary Report

The Governance Symposium Summary Report (ICA Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade) can be found here: Governance Symposium Summary Report

Symposium Presentations from Parallel Sessions September 2013

Competency-Based Assessments by Andres, Kim

Complexity Theory and Co-operative Governance by Cannell, Bob

Gay Lea Foods Co-op - Reflections on Building a Continuum of Co-op Education by Fox, Quintin

Strategic Governance by Goehring, Mark; Scholl Marilyn; Sherwood, Art

Membership Structure Design and Organizational Theory by Gray, Thomas

Member Participation & Co-op Governance: Importance of Associative Intelligence by Haiven, Larry

Governance Education Portal by Hancock, Erin

Election of Board Members - Mechanism and Cultures in Agricultural Cooperatives by Huhtala, Kari

Senior Leader Perceptions & Responses to Competing Institutional Logics in Co-op by Johnson, Kathy

Governance & the Role of Sustainability Scorecard in Strategic Planning by LeBlanc, Leo

Inclusion, Control and Accountability in Worker Cooperatives by McNamara, John

Cultivating Connections - Maintaining Member Involvement in a Province Wide CU by Moulin, Linda

Governing Fair Trade by Reed, Darryl

Operationalizing Ownership to Fight Oligarchsation by Stocki, Ryszard

Worker Co-op's the Game, These are the Rules (Governance Policy) by Stoddart, Joel