7th Annual IDC held in Finland

Date Published: June 19, 2017

The International Doctoral Consortium (IDC), now its 7th year, was held for the first time at Jyvaskyla University in Finland and attracted 39 students from 12 countries in Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Wide enough for news

The IDC has till now been held over three days in June at Saint Mary’s University. Over the first seven years of IDC, generations of doctoral students have been exposed to innovative teaching and an impactful conference. This has spurred the development of a strong network of graduates who are indelibly linked to the Sobey PhD, putting the school literally and figuratively "on the map."

IDC History

In 2011, following an invitation to Albert Mills (Management Department) to give a guest lecture to the York/Atkinson PhD in Human Resources Management, a decision was reached to hold a joint doctoral colloquium between the doctoral programs of York and the SSB. The first such colloquium was held at Saint Mary’s, with 18 students. Drawing on networks of scholars across the globe, the colloquium soon involved business school doctoral programs from the UK (Queen Mary University), Finland (University of East Finland; Jyvaskyla University; Aalto University; Oulu University, and Hanken University), Holland (Radboud University), Canada (SMU, York and Athabasca U.), the United States (UMASS Boston), Brazil (FGV, UFRGS), South Africa (Free State U.), and India (Biotech).

Very quickly, the aim of IDC organizers evolved into becoming a truly international doctoral consortium, in content and participation. The IDC has attracted supporting business schools (i.e., those committed to send students on a regular basis) from every continent. This year the IDC finally added a school from Australasia -  the University of Victoria in New Zealand.

Next year IDC8 will be held in New Delhi (India) and a tentative proposal has been made to hold IDC9 in Mexico.

Four Sobey School students - Rene Arseneault, Kunle Fakiyesi, Ellen Shaffner, and Nina Winham - were able to attend the 2017 event thanks to generous support from the Office of the Dean and the organizing committee of the International Doctoral Consortium.

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