Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Interns 2016

Hire a Sobey School of Business MTEI Intern (8 months starting in May, 2016).

Download the MTEI 2016 Resumes Book (PDF)

MTEI Internship TestimonialThe Master of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship program emphasizes technology, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset that takes knowledge and skills from a wide range of technology and business disciplines, and integrates them with best practices from industry to produce graduates who have the business knowledge and skills to drive innovation and solve complex business challenges. With an average of five years work experience, MTEI  students have already demonstrated a track record of success. Prior to commencing their internship the MTEI students will have completed all the main academic courses that form part of the program. These students come equipped with the analytical skills, business knowledge and strategic thinking to make a real impact on your organization.

Interns are available for full-time 8 month work term starting in May 2016. 

An Environmental Science Graduate currently enrolled in the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at the Sobey School of Business. A qualified Environmental Health Officer who has built a reputation in advocating for sustainable environmental health programs. A driven sales professional with experience developing cohesive and well organized sales teams who possess the ability to drive sales growth and profits. 

  • Sales and pricing strategy
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Customer relationship and Services       
  • Enterprise sustainability   
  • Partner and supplier relationship
  • Environment and human health                   
  • Environmental problem solving  
  • Waste management 

A versatile and hardworking Masters student with a background in Accounting. A relationship builder, skilled researcher and a team player who excels in fostering and supporting others. Key strengths include flexibility, communication skills and ability to multitask.

  • Possess strong knowledge of accounting, financial principles and tools
  • Adept at documenting data in an orderly manner via Excel and at ease creating PowerPoint presentations for group projects
  • Improved customer satisfaction by responding to customer needs in a timely manner
  • Proven competence in working with others in a team effort

An analytical, dedicated and dependable Marketing graduate with a BSc. in Administration. Currently pursuing my Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MT EI) at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University. Acquired essential skills as a student as well as through my work experiences gained as an intern and as a national service person. 

  • Strong interpersonal skills                                                                            
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Diligent worker and a Team-player                                                                       
  • Eager to listen and learn

Marketing and business development professional with experience in operations management and event planning for 3+years possessing precision, finesse and a goal oriented approach. Recognized for innovative thinking, applying creative solutions to increase productivity and decrease costs with an ability to perform under pressure.

  • Strategic Development                  
  • Branding                                                      
  • Team Management  
  • Budgeting                                     
  • Customer Relations 
  • Detail Oriented
Hasti Afra Resume (PDF)

Digital Skills

Advanced:   Autodesk 3DMax (Modeling and animating), Adobe Photoshop, Rhino (3D and 2D modeling), Adobe Sketchbook (Wacom tablet), Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat

Intermediate:   Flipbook, InDesign, AutoCAD (2D platting), Flash, Java Programming

Basic: Solid Work, JavaScript

A seasoned IT Professional and Business Strategist with the ability to facilitate corporate success by developing and managing projects that align business goals with technological solutions to drive process improvements. Creates competitive advantage and bottom-line results by identifying ways to increase revenue and productivity while reducing costs. Excellent communicator who leverages technical, business and financial acumen to communicate effectively with executives and teammates alike.

  • Network Administration
  • IT Security
  • Systems/Process Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Leadership

A seasoned business professional with over 20 years’ experience in Consumer Business development. Experience in Profit Analysis, Product Costing and Sales Analysis, having used my skills in many business development positions. Known for being a detailed project manager while managing a team. Also possesses a passion for knowledge transfer and lecturing and coaching. 

  • Revenue and profitability analysis      
  • Marketing Strategy  
  • Brand Management
  • Costing functions.                                  
  • Entrepreneurship     
  • Market Planning

A sales and marketing professional with the talent to effectively identify and maximize opportunities to increase growth and development. Highly knowledgeable in diverse areas of sales and marketing utilizing creative strategies to decrease timelines of sales and maintaining strong relationships with both clients and colleagues.

  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Partner & Supplier Relationships
  • E-Marketing
  • Strategic Development
  • Customer Consultations
  • Merchandising
  • Market Research
  • Innovative and Creative
Samuel Ayanlaja Resume (PDF)
  • 5 years’ experience in technology, banking and oil & gas industries
  • Project management and service delivery leadership experience on three (3) full system integration/ implementation projects –  SAP HCM,  Windows 7, Oracle iHRMS
  • Certifications - ITIL F, OCP, ROI cert, PMP (in view)
  • Expert level data analytics with Excel, Power BI and Crystal Reports
  • Entrepreneurial mind set with skills in design thinking, lean methods and agile development

Analytical self-starter and innovative problem-solver with a keen eye for details. Demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes to increase the overall efficiency within an organization.

Proactive professional with well-defined understanding of the business-technology interface, capacity to identify, and align clients' requirements with products and services. Progressive and diverse background spanning technical, operational management, service delivery, project management, and business-development disciplines.

  • Business Development/Consultation             
  • Revenue Generation                             
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Project Monitoring and Account Management
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Business Operations and Administration
  • Client Relationship Management

An adaptable and outgoing Information Technology professional with proven skills in translating business needs into technical requirements. I have personal interests in health and culture and possess experience working for a variety of organizations in Finance, Higher Education, and Charity sectors.

Specialty Tools:                               Blackboard Learn, Teradata SQL Administrator, Visual Studio.Net, Microsoft SharePoint, Visio, Rational Rose, Xcode

Programming Languages             C, C++, Java, VBA, Swift

Database                                           SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle

An analytical, results-oriented, Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) and Information Technology Professional with extensive entrepreneurial experience. Experienced administrative manager encouraged top-notch organisational value and strategies which led to a 5% increase in customer retention rate.

  • EIGRP Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • OSPF Virtual Links and Frame Relay Operations
  • Switching, VLANS and Network troubleshooting
  • Computer programming and web design (HTML5)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Marketing
  • Accounting for Innovation
  • Technology Strategy and Productivity
  • Globalization and Innovation Systems