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‌The award winning Enactus Saint Mary's team is A community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Together with the top academic and business leaders of the province we create community outreach projects focused on individuals in need.

Enactus Saint Mary's currently has 9 projects dedicated to helping our local, national and international communities. They are:

Options Nova In partnership with the Sobey School Business Development Centre, OPtions: Nova works with women at The Nova Institute for Women in Truro, Nova Scotia. Developing a working and mentorship based relationship with these women, entrepreneurship, financial literary and business related skills are built and created to ensure success, and confidence/knowledge to pursue a career upon release. Workshops are developed and delivered in the women’s penitentiary, and skills regarding networking, entrepreneurship, business plans and empowerment are developed to reduce stigma and increase quality of life for each individual.

Options International In partnership with Chalice, an International Aid & Development organization, OPtions: International began with a group of 15 artisan women in Chiclayo, Peru who required entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy development to sell their beautiful ornaments, handbags and accessories. Enactus Saint Mary’s is developing confidence, business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in these women, as well as broadening the range of merchandise by selling their products in Canada, and launched an e-commerce site to increase their business. As well, a train the trainer program in partnership with the United States Department of Labour was developed to create a video series to enhance entrepreneurship, leadership and financial skills. Recently, Enactus Saint Mary’s traveled to Bolivia to work with a group of youth to develop these skills with a hands on, face to face approach.

Access AbilityIn partnership with The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN), The Nova Scotia Down Syndrome’s ‘Team Possibles’ and Easter Seal’s ‘New Leaf Enterprises, Enactus Saint Mary’s is taking action to provide skills to entrepreneurs within these organizations by helping to develop skills needed for a business environment, gain confidence and grow their businesses. An exciting new partnership with New Leaf Enterprises, a branch of the not-for-profit organization Easter Seals who provide services and advocate for Nova Scotians with disabilities gives opportunity to grow and improve the quality of life for a wider range of individuals.

Project Launch - Project Launch uses the tools and knowledge of students gained in classroom, extracurricular and hands on experience to apply these skills to consulting small and medium sized businesses to help them get off the ground, grow and become sustainable businesses. Project Launch has enhanced entrepreneurial skills, financial education and business education in a number of clients through workshops, consulting and mentorships by students, professors and business leaders at the Sobey School of Business. Enactus Saint Mary’s also partnered with the Sobey School Business Development Centre for The Startup 100, a project that is helping students and entrepreneurs create 100 new ventures across Nova Scotia through youth from 50 communities.

Help Hunger DisappearFinish Hunger, previously known as Help Hunger Disappear, is in partnership with FEED Nova Scotia to engage the community and team to bring awareness to hunger issues, and create both short and long term solutions. Through various events such as The Great Canadian Food Fight, A Day Without Lunch, the Q104 Hunger Strike, and Halifax’s Annual Parade of Lights, funds and food donations are collected to support food banks and promote sustainable sources of long lasting hunger relief. This year, the short term aspect was included by providing a nutritional and balanced breakfast once a week to university students and faculty to encourage this behaviour in their everyday lives. Nutrition workshops were held in communities using the fresh produce and sustainable resources that were provided through their community garden, encouraging healthy eating and a long term, applicable food source in their community.

Progress In the ParkProgress in the Park strives to increase quality of life for residents a public housing neighboured, Mulgrave Park, in the North end of Halifax. Approximately 250 families call Mulgrave Park home, and face social and economic barriers, as well as a stigma that hinders growth and overshadows positivity in the community. Enactus Saint Mary’s develops entrepreneurial skills and financial education to community leaders through a mentorship program. Other initiatives include installing a community garden to provide fresh, local produce, installation plans of a new playground, a new waste management system, and interacting with youth through creative and educational activities to help develop skills, confidence and pride in their community to ensure a better future.

The Power of Her - The Power of Her is a gender equality initiative that explores the phenomenon of gender inequality and provides workshops and discussions on the issue to provide an equality conscious setting. Workshops in business skills, entrepreneurship, financial education and women empowerment give women the proper tools to build their own business, pursue a career and become financially independent.

Marley Coffee - Enactus Saint Mary’s first social enterprise, Marley Coffee is partnered with Rohan Marley to get students involved and provide working experience with an international socially and environmentally sustainable business. The One Love product is a single region roast which is grown in Ethiopia using environmentally safe practices, and provides employment to farmers who were previously underemployed or unemployed. Marley coffee is providing fair wages and empowering workers around the globe, which maintaining an environmentally and socially conscious business by using the Waterwise filtration system to ensure water and groundwater pollution does not occur in the process.

Go Green Idle Free Enactus Saint Mary’s is encouraging students to Go Green this upcoming year, with a brand new partnership with the new Go Green Idle Free campaign. Ron Zima, the “IDLE-FREE guy” has launched a campaign entitled “Idle free for our kids” that encourages environmental awareness in youth and children, and “practice and promote business for ‘the triple bottom line’: people, planet and profit.” By creating an app that gives a direct conversion of time spent idling to dollars lost or saved, awareness and education is integrated into this campaign for cleaner air across Canada. Enactus Saint Mary’s looks forward to opportunities to educate, enable progress and make change from an environmental stance in our community and across the country through this exciting new partnership.


YOUR idea? - Do you have any innovative, new ideas to enable progress in our community or further? We want to hear it!

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