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Five Executive MBA graduates celebrated for impact

Date Published: May 1, 2017

Five Saint Mary’s Executive MBA alumni whose careers have made a significant impact on the region, their industries, and in some cases, the world, were recognized today, April 28.

Dr. Leroy Lowe, Sara Napier, Greg Patey, Dr. Joseph Sadek and Pam Winsor received the special one-time Alumni Impact Awards at an event celebrating the program’s 25th anniversary.

EMBA Alumni Impact Award Winner, 25th anniversary - 2017Dr. Leroy Lowe is a scientist and international trade specialist who has made his mark leading worldwide cancer research. After eight years of intensive self-study, he recruited an international advisory board of cancer researchers, and founded 2 year Halifax Project, in which 350 scientists from 31 countries worked collaboratively under his leadership. The project’s outcomes earned Lowe two Cancer Prevention Awards. Leroy Lowe Impact Award Winner

EMBA Alumni Impact Award Winner, 25th anniversary - 2017Sara Napier is the CEO of United Way Halifax, who recently worked with Halifax Mayor Mike Savage to help craft an anti-poverty strategy for the city. Through her earlier career, she demonstrated creativity, strategic vision and deft leadership in roles with the NSCC and the IWK Foundation. She succeeded in changing people’s perceptions of college education through a very successful marketing campaign, and boosted fundraising results through an integrated content strategy. As Vice President, Marketing & Strategy with the IWK, she implemented a series of changes that embedded a strategic approach throughout the organization. Sara Napier - EMBA Award winner

EMBA Alumni Impact Award Winner, 25th anniversary - 2017Greg Patey was an entrepreneur already when he cofounded STI, a company whose innovative approach resolved some serious challenges with pharmaceutical sampling. STI grew and prospered from humble beginnings and was recently purchased by global healthcare giant QuintilesIMS. Greg Patey EMBA Award winner

EMBA Alumni Impact Award Winner, 25th anniversary - 2017Dr. Joseph Sadek is an Associate Professor in psychiatry at Dalhousie University, and the clinical academic leader at the Nova Scotia Hospital. In this leadership role, he works tirelessly to support patients and families dealing with mental health and addiction issues. He has been a change leader in suicide prevention. He is also an internationally recognized expert on ADHD and a published author. Joseph Sadek EMBA Award Winner

EMBA Alumni Impact Award Winner, 25th anniversary - 2017Pam Winsor is the Director of Health Policy, Stakeholder Engagement & Chief Marketing Officer for Medtronic Canada, a global corporation that develops transformative medical technologies. She began her career as a critical care nurse, moving into the pharmaceutical industry and eventually starting her own business and establishing several successful neurology and oncology franchises in Atlantic Canada. She is committed to social responsibility, chairing the Corporate Advisory Council of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and volunteering for the United Way. Pam Winsor EMBA Award winner

Honorable mentions went out to other notable alumni: Arden Thurber, Rebecca King, Dr. Stephen Jones, Colin Dickson, Rick Perkins, Heather MacDonald and Heidi Weigand.

A special Faculty Impact award was given to Dr. J. Colin Dodds, Saint Mary’s University President Emeritus, for his key role in originally envisioning the EMBA program and shepherding it through to fruition. Dr. Dodds still teaches at the school and heads up the Master of Finance program. [Watch Dr. Dodds receive his award]

Over 100 Executive MBA alumni of the 625 who have graduated from the Sobey School of Business since 1992 gathered at the celebration.

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