Employment Programs


The Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) is currently coordinating the Access-Ability: Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities program. Through support from Service Canada, Access-Ability provides employers with a significant wage subsidy to hire persons with disabilities.

The objective of this project is to give persons with disabilities the opportunity to apply their skills in a work setting consistent with their education and allow them to become leaders in their chosen fields. In addition, participants will be given the opportunity to use their skills to launch a business of their own. Access-Ability is offering both an entrepreneurship and employment experience option to employers and participants. In the entrepreneurship experience, the employer would provide entrepreneurial coaching during the program for a participant interested in starting their own business at the end of the 39-week work placement. In the employment experience, the employer would provide career mentorship for the participant with the intention of the participant staying with the employer after the 39-week work placement.

We have reached the end of the application process for the 2016 year and are no longer accepting applications. Please check back in the fall to apply for the next cohort of our program. If you are an interested employer, please send us an email.

Helping students achieve career goals

Employability training establishes essential skills and knowledge in students planning to enter or are already part of the workforce. Programs increase their awareness of the types of attitudes, behaviors and skills employers expect. Training allows students to build confidence and realize that their goals are within reach.


OPtions: Youth

The OPtions Youth program is devoted to equipping youth with the skills required to make a successful transition into the labour market. This program is funded through Service Canada and facilitated through to Sobey School Business Development Centre.

The objective of the program is to create valuable employees in Halifax Regional Municipality through supportive employment training and experiential learning. Over the last fourteen years, the Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) at Saint Mary's University has worked with hundreds of youth adults, helping them transition into the labour market and further education. In 2016, the OPtions Youth Program was named the overall winner for North America in the Global Best Awards(International Education Business Partnership Network), and in 2014 received a national prize for Multi-barriered Youth Innovation during the National Youth Employment Innovation Awards sponsored by the National Youth Employment Coalition and First Work.

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