Executive Master of Business Administration

What Will I Learn?

Innovative Curriculum

With a Sobey EMBA, you can be assured that you will gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our leading-edge curriculum and innovative approaches to business education have earned international recognition. We offer the only EMBA program in Atlantic Canada that is accredited by AACSB, the international gold standard in business school accreditation.

In addition to management fundamentals, you will be exposed to the latest thinking in the areas of leadership, strategy, innovation, and global business.


Fall Semester

Fundamentals of Managing People & Organizations

  • Accounting
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources Management

MODULE TWO: Winter Semester

Financial Analysis & Decision-Making

  • Leading Responsibly
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Research Methods for Executives

MODULE THREE: Fall Semester

Developing a Strategic Orientation & Agenda Setting

  • Strategy (Policy I)
  • Management, Information Systems
  • International Corporate Markets
  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Negotiating

MODULE FOUR: Winter Semester

Global Perspective & 
Global Leadership

  • Advanced Business Strategy (Policy II)
  • International Business
  • MRP (Major Research Project)


A Dynamic Blend of Teaching Styles

Unlike other schools that are committed to a single teaching style, the Sobey School of Business uses a combination of class instruction, case studies, simulations, and real-world projects to stimulate learning. The high level of participation and “real-world” contributions from students create an engaging academic environment.

Integrated Cross-Functional Thinking

Many MBA programs teach the core functions of business, but what makes our program unique is our ability to take learning one step further. For instance, we demonstrate how management decisions are rarely one-dimensional — they often have impact across the entire organization. As a result, you’ll make better decisions and achieve greater buy-in as you consider the implications from all angles.

Leadership to Take You to the Next Level

What sets leaders apart from the rest? Are different leadership skills needed for different situations? There are as many theories on leadership as there are questions. Our program curriculum will introduce you to the latest thinking in leadership and management techniques. In addition, we’ll provide insights into your personal management style so you can become the best leader you can be.

Global Business Perspective

Our rapidly changing global economy presents challenges as well as opportunities for today’s managers. The next business deal can rise — or fall — based on your understanding of unique business practices and etiquette in each culture. The Sobey EMBA will prepare you to manage effectively in the worldwide economy. You’ll be introduced to timely business topics such as legal and human resource complexities, cross-cultural management, market analyses and the challenges of international partnerships. You will also embark on an international trade mission to gain firsthand experience of the cultural aspects of international business. This trip can add an entirely new dimension to your career.

In 2016, the trade mission will see EMBA students travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Download information about the Sobey EMBA Trade Mission.

The Power of Teams

From the first day of classes, you’ll be assigned to a team to practice the skills of great leaders — knowing how to influence others, delegate effectively, negotiate and achieve the art of compromise.

In a supportive and collaborative learning environment, team members work together on assignments and projects that mirror today’s workplace. You’ll learn how to manage competing agendas, leverage individual expertise, and practice conflict resolution in a safe “laboratory”.

Major Research Projects

Participants in the program are required to complete a major research project which provides a great opportunity to develop a business plan for your company or conduct in-depth research on a business topic of your choice.