Executive Master of Business Administration

Alumni Testimonials

"The EMBA program at the Sobey School of Business provided me with the opportunity to round out my business knowledge and get greater exposure to current business concepts and practices, all grounded in academic research. The varied experiences and backgrounds of my classmates contributed to the learning environment and sparked discussions that both challenged and supplemented the course material. The opportunity to conduct formal academic research on a pertinent business topic brought direct value to my employer; and the trade mission allowed students to put learning into action in an international business setting. The EMBA challenged me to stretch my ‘learning muscles’ and provided a worthwhile return on investment.”

Roddy Macdonald
Sobey EMBA ‘13
VP – Human Resources
Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

“As a result of the Sobey EMBA, my employer saw a change in my thinking and decision-making process. Before the program, it was easy to make quick judgments based on what you know from one angle. Now, I see the different sides of a problem and can make more thoughtful and holistic decisions.”

Michele Lowe
Sobey EMBA '12
Executive Director
Northwood in the Community

“The Sobey EMBA experience has added significant value to my development, allowing me to become a stronger leader and better positioned and equipped to take on new challenges."

Valerie Ryan
Sobey EMBA '11
Chief Operating Officer
Empire Theatres Limited

"The Sobey EMBA provides students with a specific understanding of corporate finance and global economics. Economic factors impacting businesses, our country, and the world are covered in great detail by top quality professors who instruct based on both their vast experiential and acedemic backgrounds. Students gain a greater understanding of key financial measures and drivers in the business world that will enhance their decision making abilities."

Mark MacNeill
Sobey EMBA ‘10
District Sales Manager
Kent Building Supplies


"The Sobey EMBA program is well designed and provides interaction with executives from various diverse industries. The timing of classes (every second Friday and Saturday) certainly allows for a greater balance between career, home and school. I considered,and was invited to be a part of a number of similar prgrams in Ontario. I found the course content for the Sobey EMBA very comprehensive and is at par with the top-5 management programs. Also, the International trade mission provides practical knowledge on how to work in the global economy."

Rick Perkins
Sobey EMBA ‘09
Past President

Sobey EMBA Alumni Association

“The Sobey EMBA provided me with the ability to manage a large complex project, Halifax 2011 Canada Games, and lead my organization to success. I was able to pull information together and see the big picture. I learned so much from classmates who shared their knowledge from other sectors and provided a business perspective that I had not garnered in government.”

Lindsay Hugenholtz
Sobey EMBA ‘08
Vice President, MD Physician Services
Formerly deputy CEO, Halifax 2011 Canada Games


“The Sobey EMBA was a rewarding learning experience, and it has given me the insight to make business decisions with confidence. The instructors were excellent and offered a wealth of academic and practical knowledge and experience. The program has expanded my perspective and broadened my career opportunities in both business and engineering.”

Sara Tingley
Sobey EMBA '07
Mechanical Engineer
Focal Technologies Corp.