Executive Master of Business Administration

Program Schedule

Start to Finish in 18 Months

With an eye on the fast-paced nature of today’s business environment, we offer a program that makes it possible to earn your Executive MBA in 18 months. (Scroll down to see the tentative course schedules).

You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate graduate studies into your personal and professional commitments. Classes are held on Friday and Saturday of every other week, providing 12 days between class weekends to organize business travel or family plans. 

As an EMBA student, you have 24/7 access to our comfortable executive lounge, which houses a boardroom table, full work stations including computers, printers and telephones. Outside of class weekends, students are able to meet in this executive lounge setting to work on group assignments, summarize class discussions, and prepare for presentations.

Balanced Workload

The Sobey School of Business Executive MBA Program is an important investment in your professional development, and, like all rewarding experiences, you’ll get as much out of it as you put in.

Students typically spend 20–25 hours each week on their studies in addition to class times, but it does vary from person to person. Many of these hours are spent working with your team.

Projects, assignments, and exams are divided evenly throughout the year so you can develop a regular work pattern. The schedule allows for free time in December and in late April through late July each year.


The Sobey EMBA program offers a challenging curriculum that is relevant to the problems and opportunities facing leaders today. We cover all the business basics you would expect at a leading business school — finance, marketing, human resource management and operations research — with particular emphasis on analytical skills, long-range planning and international business. A developed excellence in decision-making is the overall aspiration we have for all our graduates.

You’ll benefit from the extensive experience of seasoned participants who share their collective expertise in classroom discussions.

Select from the links below to view descriptions of the courses or the timetables for your first and second year.

Tentative Second Year Schedule for Students (Graduate Class of 2018)

Tentative First Year Schedule for Students (Graduate Class of 2019)

Tentative Second Year Schedule for Students (Graduate Class of 2019)



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