Research Projects 2016/2017


 Feng Liu and David Walker

Tit-for-Tat: A study on mistreatment behaviors in real-time interactions between service employees and customers 

Customers are a vital part of service interactions but some customers mistreat employees which can lead to worse employee mood, attendance, and performance. We examine how employees respond to customers who are mistreating them in service interactions, from the language employees use and the emotions they display to the resources employees draw on to provide customer service while experience mistreatment. This study will provide managers with techniques for helping employees provide better service when they experience customer mistreatment - thus improving the service experience for customers and employees. 

Hai Wang

A mobile app for increasing customers’ willingness to wait

Waiting for service is a pervasive phenomenon, and it is typically the first direct interaction between customers and service delivery processes.  Many methods have been proposed for increasing customers’ willingness to wait, but they may not always be feasible in practice, mainly due to the lack of control over the waiting environment or prohibitively high cost.  This project is to develop a novel mobile app prototype that is capable of easily and cheaply increasing customers’ willingness to wait.



Catherine Loughlin and Cara-Lynn Scheuer

Investigating the factors that influence the age-diversity to performance relationship in teams

The goal of this study is to understand how to improve the performance of age-diverse work groups. By interviewing employees in the marketing services sector we hope to gain insight into key factors that lead to successful work interactions among individuals in age-diverse work groups, and to clarify the role of leadership in these interactions. This study will provide businesses with strategies for how to more effectively manage age-diversity in their workplaces.



Valerie Creelman

Thank you for reaching out:  The Dynamics of Online Customer Care Discourse 

Social media is the digital marketplace where companies and customers now meet. In its rigorous study of the role of language in shaping customer experience and relationships in online contexts, this study launches a much-needed study of how companies communicate with their customers online and, in turn, manage their corporate identities and reputation, especially in the face of NWOM (negative word of mouth). 

By examining a selection of online social exchanges from the retail area, this study provides an opportunity to observe one aspect of customer frontline employee interactions in the delivery of customer service when addressing customer complaints, comments, and requests. The findings from this study will prove useful to those responsible for developing customer care scripts for online exchanges and to those involved in training customer service representatives how to engage and respond to customers online. 

Ryan Gibson

It’s in the Mail: Examining the Role of Online Retailing in Northern Communities of the Labrador Straits

This research initiative examines how northern communities in the Labrador Straits region are engaged in online retail. The research will seek to discover how frequent northern consumers in the region are involved in online retail, what they are purchasing, how frequently they buy online, and their motivations for buying online. The barriers northern residents face in online retail will also be identified.  


Ramesh Venkat, Meghan Norris and Steve Foran

Impact of Retailer Expression of Gratitude on Customer Brand Perceptions and Purchase Intention

In the proposed research project, we plan to study the impact of expression of gratitude by the seller       towards the buyer. We propose that genuine expressions of gratitude by retailers or sellers toward buyers can improve brand perceptions and increase purchase intention. 

The proposed research will extend this literature in two important ways:
(i)Focus on expression of gratitude by the seller toward the buyer, and the effect of such gratitude on brand perception and other outcome measures
(ii)Examine the relationship between such gratitude and its effect on trust and commitment, the most commonly studied mediational constructs in the relationship marketing literature 



Abdul-Rahman Khokhar

Impact of Store Closures on Retail Stock Performance

The proposed study aims at exploring the relationship between the corporate governance and firm performance among Canadian retail firms. In the process, the research will develop a new corporate governance index for retail sector in Canada similar to G-Index and/or E-Index widely used for U.S. firms in corporate governance literature.