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Design Thinking Connects Students with Business

Date Published: September 16, 2020

Inspired by a successful collaborative effort in Waterloo in 2019, Dr. Claudia DeFuentes and Sobey Graduate Career Services are partnering up for an impactful event closer to home this year. As part of Claudia’s Design Thinking course, the newest MTEI cohort will have the opportunity to work closely with a number of organizations in urban and rural Nova Scotia including Volta, Ignite and Barrington Consulting Group. The course will kick off in late September with a Corporate Tour that will orient the students to each of the organizations. The students will then spend the rest of the term working with these organizations to identify pain points, interview key stakeholders and take the project through to the initial prototype.  

Design Thinking Information Sheet

Organizations and start-ups that participate in the MTEI Design Thinking Partner Program will gain access to:

  • new ideas and innovations that support and enhance their operations
  • the best and brightest MTEI Graduate Students from the Sobey School of Business
  • international markets and a variety of worldviews
  • solutions for real world problems
  • a rich talent pipeline for the future workforce.

Other benefits include the opportunity to:

  • contribute to the experience and learning of the next generation workforce
  • develop deeper partnership with the Sobey School of Business, providing our community partners with access to leading-edge industry research

“This opportunity will contribute to build bridges in a time of complex and rapid change, and at the same time will bring talent together to provide a fresh perspective to those pain-points organizations have at hand,” says Dr. DeFuentes. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your business' innovation experience through a partnership, please reach out to:

Karn Nichols

Manager, Graduate Career Services
Sobey School of Business


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