2nd International Symposium on Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives - June 25 & 26, 2018, Oxford, UK

The Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting (CEARC) and Co-operative Management Education (CME) program will be co-hosting the 2nd International Symposium on Accounting and Reporting at Kellogg College, Oxford, UK. The Symposium will focus on leading practices for co-operative accounting and reporting.

Call for Papers - Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting (JCAR)

The next issue of the Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting (JCAR) will be published in the Fall 2017. Please refer to the Journal website for further information.

CEARC Announces New Board Member - Dr. Nicola Young

Board Chair, Tom Webb, is pleased to annouce Dr. Nicola Young to the CEARC Board. Dr. Young is a Professor of Accounting at Saint Mary's University, currently teaching intermediate and advanced financial accounting. View Nicola Young's biography.

CEARC Announces Appointment of Research Fellow - Dr. Fiona Duguid

CEARC is pleased to announce the appointment of its first Research Fellow, Dr. Fiona Duguid. The focus of Dr. Duguid's research is the development of social and environmental indicators for co-operatives. View Fiona Duguid's biography.

CPA Canada supports Social and Environmental Indicators for Co-operatives Project

CPA Canada has provided $10,000 for the Social and Evnironmental Indicators project.

CEARC launches pilot project to develop Social and Environmental Indicator Reporting for Co-operatives

CEARC is looking for 15 - 20 co-operatives and credit unions to participate in this exciting new project. If you would like to become involved please contact Fiona Duguid or Daphne Rixon. Visit our Performance Reporting page for more information.

Cuba Workshop on Co-operative Accounting

In November 2016, CEARC travelled to Cuba to participate in a Workshop with local accountants, professors and government officials. The Workshop was sponsored by CPA Canada. CEARC was represented by Tom Webb, Chair, CEARC Board; Daphne Rixon, CEARC Executive Director; Sonja Novkovic, CME Academic Director; and Maureen McCullough, Professor Oxford Brookes University and CME Instructor.

Research Study on Credit Union Commercial Lending

Dr. Daphne Rixon and Peter Goth are working on a research project exploring the challenges associated with commercial lending by credit unions. Dr. Rixon presented a study update to the National Credit Union Lenders group biannual meeting in Ottawa in November 2016.