Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting

CEARC publishes the Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting (JCAR). It is a free, peer reviewed publication featuring original and reviewed papers, case studies, conceptual framework analytical and simulations models, empirical research technical notes, review of books and accounting standards.

JCAR has merged with the International Journal of Co-operative Management to form a new journal, the International Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Management (IJCAM). For more details contact the journal editor Daphne Rixon.

Volume 1 Issue 1 - August 2012

Ethics in Risk Management Practices: Insights from the Italian Mutual Credit Co-operative Banks

Stewardship: The core of cooperative accounting

Equity-Liability Accounting Debate in Worker Co-operative Entities Members´ Shares

Data Access, Availability, Aspirations and Action: A Credit Union Story

Volume 1 Issue 2 - December 2012

An Overview of Management Systems in the Cooperative Sector. An Analysis of the Italian Leghe.

The Different Conception of Economic Profit in Cooperatives

Financial Performance and Efficiency of Consumer Co-operatives and Limited Companies - Agency Theoretical Approach

Volume 2 Issue 1 - August 2013

Cooperative Accounting: Purposes and Challenges

Financial Performance and Efficiency of Coop Banks in Jammu and Kashmir (India)

An Assessment of Coops in Italy: Economic & Occupational Insights in 2008

Volume 3 Issue 1 - August 2015

Economic Impact of the Nova Scotia Co-operatives

OCFAID Analysis of the Demise of Canada's Dairyland Co-operatives

OCFAID - A Practical Application in Cooperative Analysis

Volume 4 Issue 1 - Spring 2016

Talking the Talk: Canadian Co-operatives and Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting in Canada's Financial Institutions

Adoption of Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Study

CoopIndex: Human Dignity as the Essence of Co-operative Values and Principles

Co-operatives Developing Networks: View of Co-ops Through Actor Network Theory

Volume 5 Issue 1 - Fall 2017

Exploring A Principled Pathway to the Future

Non-Financial Tools and Indicators for Measuring the Impact of Co-operatives

Leading Edge Credit Union - Guide for Leveraging the Co-operative Advantage

Management of Lending Risk in Irish Community Credit Unions

Accounting for Co-operation



Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Reporting
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