Hacking for Food Security: FOODHACK

Charlene Boyce, SSB Communications

Staff and students around our Sobey School Development Centre and The Spark Zone are abuzz about next week's event: #FoodHackNS is the first innovation-driving food tech event of its kind in Nova Scotia.The Spark Zone is presenting the event in conjunction with Pace Events (who have worked with the Jamie Oliver Foundation) and EDvent.

It is about creating solutions to real food industry problems.  In a province rich with natural resources and famous for its apples, blueberries and lobster, it is hard to fathom that so many people living in Nova Scotia face food insecurity.

On Thursday, the SSBDC's own Michael Sanderson represented the Spark Zone on CTV Morning Live (https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/ctv-morning-live#, scroll to page 4 of content).

Food Hack - another way we are seeking to make an impact with purpose!

You can find more information about the hackathon at: www.foodhackns.com