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The Atlantic Research Group releases Transforming the Mainstream Research Symposium Final Report

Ather H. Akbari and Evie Tastsoglou

Cover of final report from Transforming the Mainstream: Immigration in Atlantic Canada

In November of 2016, the Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity gathered a roomful of stakeholders for a research symposium, diving into immigration in Atlantic Canada-- the past, present and future. Called Transforming the Mainstream, this event provided a forum for regional development planners, immigration policymakers, the business community, settlement organizations and academic researchers and students to exchange thoughts and experiences on how immigration is affecting the region.  Through sharing current and past practices and plans to accommodate the diversity of newcomers, attendees worked to develop a common vision for the future of Atlantic Canada in relation to immigration and cultural diversity.

Recommendations coming out of the symposium ranged from the very high level (introduce family-centred policies for immigration) to the specific, such as "improve databases of program equivalencies to improve the credential assessment process". The discussions were wide-ranging, and the attendees a well-informed group of professionals.

Download the report now - do you have any recommendations to improve the experience of immigration for the immigrants and for the native Atlantic Canadians welcoming them? Post now in the comments below.

Download the Transforming the Mainstream report to read the full recommendations and review.

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