Faculty of Science

Safety Training

The Faculty of Science is pleased to provide information concerning upcoming employee and student safety-related training opportunities, as well as information about specialized safety training offered by internal and/or external groups.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

The Faculty of Science departmental chairpersons and/or program co-ordinators are responsible for ensuring that all students, teaching or research assistants, lab instructors, technicians, and full- and part-time faculty members receive the appropriate WHMIS training.

WHMIS Requirements

Position/Role Training Type Frequency
Students in select science courses Introductory WHMIS training Yearly
Faculty, staff, research assistants, lab instructors, technicians, and graduate  students Advanced WHMIS training (i.e., "WHMIS for lab supervisors") Every three years
Full- and part-time faculty members and their teaching and research assistants Specialized WHMIS training depending on teaching and/or research needs  As needed

For additional information concerning WHMIS training, please review Work Instruction #4 – Chemical Safety Training of Personnel (WHMIS) or contact Connie Clarke, Science Safety Officer.

The importance of documentation

Accurate records should be maintained concerning any training received. To aid in this process, use the Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist.

Training Opportunities

When available, training opportunities will be posted on the Science events page.