Faculty of Science

Safety Resources

The Faculty of Science is committed to the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy educational and work environments.

Here you will find information about the Faculty's Safety Committee and safety training, as well as work instructions and emergency procedures currently in use by science and engineering faculty, staff, and students. 

Laboratory Safety videos

To be (Safe) or not to be

Proper Dress and PPE / Lab Safety -- Part 1

Safety Equipment / Lab Safety -- Part 2

Behavior / Lab Safety -- Part 3

Chemical Hazards / Lab Safety -- Part 4

Safe Chemical Handling / Lab Safety -- Part 5

Other General Hazards / Lab Safety -- Part 6

Pyrophoric Liquid Safety

Hazardous Waste Management

Why I wear a lab coat

Outfit for Safety

Stay Protected

Splash Zone

If you have any safety-related questions or concerns, please contact Connie Clarke, Safety Advisor.