Faculty of Science

Safety Committee

The Faculty of Science Safety Committee receives, records, and advises on health and safety concerns occurring within the Faculty of Science. Where required, matters discussed are raised at the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee level as well.

The Safety Committee consists of technical employees and faculty members from each Faculty of Science Department/Program: Astronomy and Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Forensic Sciences, Geology, Mathematics and Computing Science, and Psychology. In addition, a Research Instrument Technician representing the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research also serves on the committee.

Meetings are held regularly (at least three times per semester), and monthly meetings are held as required. Committee meetings are chaired by the Dean of Science or designate, and committee members serve for a minimum term of two years.

For additional information concerning the Faculty of Science Safety Committee, please review Work Instruction #5 - Faculty of Science Safety Committee Document.

Faculty of Science Safety Committee Members: 2014-2015 Academic Year

Department of Human Resources

  • Ms. Valerie Wadman, HR Officer (OH&S and Wellness)

Faculty of Science

  • Dr. Steven Smith, Dean of Science [Chair]
  • Ms. Connie Clarke, Science Safety Technician and Department of Chemistry Technician

Facilities Management Department

  • Mr. Gary Schmeisser, Director 
  • Mr. Mike McCann, Manager - Maintenance and Operations 

Department of Astronomy and Physics

  • Dr. Michael Dunlavy, Technician 
  • Dr. Roby Austin, Associate Professor 

Department of Biology

  • Mr. Matt Logan, Technician
  • Ms. Jing Yang, Technician 
  • Dr. TImothy Frasier, Associate Professor (also Forensic Science)

Department of Chemistry

  • Dr. Christa Brosseau, Associate Professor 
  • Ms. Elizabeth McLeod, Technician

Division of Engineering

  • Prof. Donald MacNeil, Lecturer 

Environmental Science Program

  • Dr. Linda Campbell, Associate Professor 
  • Dr. Jason Clyburne, Professor (also Chemistry)

Department of Geography

  • Dr. Danika Van Proosdij, Professor

Department of Geology

  • Prof. Randolph Corney, Technician/Part-Time Faculty Member

Faculty of Science Research Centres and Institutes - Research Instrument Technicians

  • Mr. Xiang Yang, Electron Microscopy Centre (EMC) and Regional Geochemical Centre 
  • Ms. Patricia Granados, Centre for Environmental Analysis and Remediation (CEAR) 

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