Faculty of Science

Mobile App Contest

Team SMMAPP is the grand prize winner of the 2nd annual Mobile App Contest. They created two technologies: UniCal and UniAPI.

  • UniAPI is a technology that enables the easy acquisition of course data from certain Saint Mary's databases, using Web Socket API and RESTful HTTP. Team SMMAPP used UniAPI in the development of their mobile application, UniCal.
  • UniCal is a calendar application that allows Saint Mary's students to sync selected courses with their calendar and mobile device.


Glavin Wiechert, Mathematics & Computing Science
Javian Trotman, Computing Science
Daniel Lockhart, Computing Science

This year, a special prize for "Best Presentation" was awarded to computing science student Kashif Kashif of Team SMUnity.


Pictured top-right: Team SMMAPPs, grand-prize winners of the first Mobile App Contest, from left to right: Dawson Reid, Computing Science & Mathematics; Mark Slaunwhite, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Computing Science; Daniel F. Lockhart, Computing Science & Engineering; Montasir Abeer, Computing Science & Mathematics; Glavin Wiechert, Comupting Science & Mathematics.