Continuing Education

Off-Campus Courses

What is an Extension Centre course?

Each year Saint Mary's University offers credit courses for undergraduate degree and certificate programs in a number of off-campus Extension Centres. These centres are located throughout Halifax and Dartmouth. They are in your community waiting to serve your learning needs. We are supplying new learning initiatives in your neighbourhood through community resources such as libraries, high schools, colleges and community outreach centres.

Fall 2016

Term Subject Course Location Title CRN
Halifax Central Library
September- December 2016 SOCI 3408.1 DT Urban Sociology: Intro and History 15265
September- December 2016 HIST 2250.1 DT Soccer: A History of Brazil 15322

Winter 2017

Term Subject Course Location Title CRN
Halifax Central Library
January- April 2017 IRST 3788.2 DT The Literature and Culture of Celtic Tiger Ireland 25171
January- April 2017 ENGL 2301.2 DT 19th Century Crime and Detective Fiction  

Application and Registration 

Taking courses through Saint Mary's University is a two step process consisting of applying to the University and registering for courses. 

For admission requirements please refer to our Apply Online section.

Once accepted to the university, students are now able to register for courses online through the Banner Self-Service system. 

For new students, a student ID number (example: A00000000) will be included in your acceptance package with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access the Banner Self-Service system.

Please Note: Students are advised to consult the current Academic Calendar for course descriptions and information concerning course prerequisites.

Courses historically taught over the academic year are now split into 2 parts and students must register for both parts . These courses are identified by the section letters XX and YY. Extension courses are identified by an X or Y preceding the two letter suffix in the course number, eg. XDA and YDA etc.