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Positive and constructive relationship experiences with quality mentors sets mentees up for better possibilities of achieving career success and overall fulfillment in their lives.

The significant impacts that effective, positive mentoring has on both the mentor and mentee, and within organizations, will ensure that the organization’s mentoring program is a huge strategic asset.

For Mentors

The program prepares mentors to step into a mentoring partnership with clarity, confidence and inspiration – to commit to being and becoming an excellent mentor. It will affirm, strengthen and expand upon a mentor’s core knowledge, competencies and personal leadership skills, building essential competencies and will contribute to creating and establishing higher standards and protocols in the “art and science” of Excellence in Mentoring.

 For Mentees

The program prepares the mentee to step into a mentoring partnership with confidence, inspiration and a commitment to excellence. The partnership is a shared learning and development journey between the mentee and the mentor. However, the primary responsibility for managing and executing on key goals and objectives rests with the mentee.


Mentor Workshop

Mentee Workshop

This 2-day, in-person, workshop will prepare

mentors to step into a mentoring partnership with

clarity, confidence, and inspiration.

This 1-day, in-person, workshop fortifies

the commitment, readiness, and motivation

of a mentee.

Dates TBD

$895.00 + tax

Dates TBD

$475.00 + tax



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