Peer Mentors

A critical component of the LEAP program is an emphasis on students mentoring students. Each LEAP student is paired with a Peer Mentor and it is common for LEAP students to become Peer Mentors themselves, as they move farther into their university career.

Someone to Ask

Peer Mentors are senior students who engage with first-year students and support them in their transition from high school. They help new students get used to their new environment, their courses, and to adjust to life as a Saint Mary’s student. As time passes, Peer Mentors assist with other issues and encourage students to become involved on campus as much as possible.

A Friendly Face

Your Peer Mentor will send you an email greeting during the summer and will be there to meet you at LEAP Orientation in September. Should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, your Peer Mentor is an incredible resource.

You can expect to see your Peer Mentor at least once per week during the fall semester at the LEAP 1000 Workshops and again, although less frequently, in the winter. Your Peer Mentor will also plan and organize social social and academic events. The include everything from study time and group work, to movie nights and participating in campus events.

Once the school year begins, Peer Mentors create their own ways to communicate with their students, generally using email, text messaging, and Facebook.

Meet Our 2016-2017 Peer Mentor Team!