Learning Communities

At the heart of the LEAP program is a strong academic focus, centered around learning communities. Students in groups of just 30 navigate the early days of their academic career together—getting to know professors and each other, doing course work with one another and developing leadership, organization and study skills at the same time.

What is a learning community?

Learning communities will consist of the 30 students in your core LEAP course (or lab), two additional linked courses and the LEAP 1000 Workshops. Structuring your learning experience in this way helps to build community and foster connection between students, faculty and staff.

What are the benefits of LEAP?

Our students tell us LEAP allows them to take control over their academic success right away—they appreciate the head start LEAP gives them on their university career. Also, each LEAP student is paired with a peer mentor. First year students appreciate the opportunity to learn from senior students—and often become peer mentors themselves.

Students also noted other benefits, including:

  • Small class sizes in first year
  • The opportunity to get to know at least one professor well
  • The chance to connect with fellow students and create a strong social network
  • An enhanced learning experience and strategies for academic success