SMUport is a secure site that provides students, faculty and administrative staff with Intranet and Internet services. This is where you can check email, join groups, talk on academic forums, remain up to date on campus events, and much more. You can access SMUport anywhere!

One of the more exciting features of SMUport is its flexibility. By clicking the Content/Layout link (located on the upper-left corner of the SMUport window), you can change the layout of your SMUport display and even add new channels! Default channels include campus announcements and SMU news and events, but you can add other channels, such as news, weather, or a "Word of the Day." We encourage everyone to explore their SMUport options and to refer to the comprehensive Help Center that can be accessed in the upper-right corner.

Tutorials, FAQ, and Troubleshooting

How to Access SMUport

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your s# in the Username field.
  3. Enter your password in the Password field.
  4. Click Login.


What's Inside?

Course Tools
Students: Access all of your courses online, including direct access to your WebCT courses.
Faculty: Access all of the courses you are teaching.

Send and receive email, and create your own personal address book.
More information about accessing your email at home.

A personal calendar, as well as a calendar for all courses and groups on campus.

Create, manage and join group homepages for clubs, societies and interests.
Access the SMUport Group Tools Policy.

Campus Announcements
Receive important notices and alerts about what's going on around campus.


SMUport Tutorials

Customizing Your SMUport

Email and Address Book

Calendar System

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my username and password?
SMUport uses your s# for logging into to SMUport. If you do not know your s# or password, go to You will require your Self-Service Banner ID and PIN to obtain your s# and set your password.

2. Can bookmarks be imported into SMUport?
Bookmarks cannot be imported into SMUport. Bookmarks have to be added to the bookmark channel one at a time.

3. Can address books be imported into SMUport?
Yes, SMUport supports importing from Outlook, Netscape 4, and Eudora. You can find instructions on how to import your Address Books within the About SMUport tab located inside SMUport, or click here for a tutorial.

4. How often does SMUport e-mail check for new mail?
SMUport checks for new e-mail every 10.5 minutes. However, you can manually check for new mail anytime you wish by clicking the Get Mail button inside the email window.


Troubleshooting Links

I can't log into SMUport.

I see an error message when I look at my e-mail in the SMUport main window.

SMUport's main page is loading very slowly.

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